I Don't Answer The Phone At All............

In fact, I don't even turn my phone on, except for when I check for any messages twice a day. If a call is important, I'll return the call, but I prefer not to be interrupted when I doing anything, and I mean anything, else. 

I don't mind being connected to the world, just not constantly connected. It's the same thing with Yahoo Instant Messenger. I don't let the run in the  background all day either. 

I have a cell phone, but that's only for emergencies. I take it with me when I go out, but I don't turn it on and no one has that number, and I would never, ever talk on a cell phone while I was in a car.


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4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I've never been part of the "busy, busy, busy doing nothing" group and I can't think of a better way of gaining admittance to that group than by answering the phone every time it rings. Consequently, I turn my phone off.

i'm in agreement and i'm going to join this group. i hate answering my telephone and i still use dialup internet so i purposely keep my phone line busy all day. i too resent the intrusion of others on people's daily personal space these days. it's wonderful to come to a public forum like this and share ideas but i never enjoy forced conversation, no matter who it's with.

i see things differently although where we live there we have not better technology .. or latest as you have.. but i think and observed as communication technology is doing progress same the gape between relationships is widening.. .. people few years ago they liked to see people face to face and wanted to spend time .. but now if you have cell just text and your responsibility is fulfilled .. we are shrinking in our rooms due to this latest technology..

I totally agree with you,Sometimes advance technology could cause more headaches for us and for others.