Have to Loose to Appreciate-all Ppl

I think that all or most ppl don't appreciate things until they loose it. You look at everything just normally without appreciating it, but when you loose it you start to feel so mad and just gaining it back would mean the world to you. It doesn't have to only relate with things, but with ppl too. I mean, if you lost a friend for example, then you would know their real worth and how much they meant to you, without  sensing that until you loose them. Even in deaths, when a person dear to you, dies (god forbid) you start wondering why you weren't nice to them or why you didn't do this and that, etc...I think that we should appreciate things around us more, and know their real values, mostly our parents, brothers, sisters, whoever, because someday you might not see them again, who knows, so we shouldn't wait till that day to appreciate them, but show them love from today. 
HeartLove HeartLove
18-21, F
Apr 15, 2007