A waste of time and energy. Really 😒
TheAverageIdiot TheAverageIdiot
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

It's me Zoey. my a/c was suspended



This is probably the second time it's happened this week

I had an account made specially for the purpose of Trolling. It was suspended in 13 minutes from the time of its creation; if that's any consolation

Been down the same road before. People started believing it was me.

How did they know it was you?

That person told them that my account was hacked, and she had put up a fake picture.

So, someone created your fake account and started Trolling as you, and the "smart" people on EP thought it was you? That's just sad. But, aren't there too many people on EP for you to actually have a group of haters?

Yes. I did not pay much attention to that person now the account is deleted fortunately

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