Nope I Really Don't

Haha when i go to the movies with my best friend we sit in the back and try to find the oldest couple we can. Then we go and get **** loads of candy to chunk at them. I'm talkin packages of gummy bears, gummy worms, nerds, skittles, m&m's, and anything else we can buy.Except twizzlers no one better lay a finger on my twizzlers. It's so funny cause they can never figure out who is doing it.
The couples arange from 30 yr olds to pple in their 70's yes i said 70's. So the next time ur in the movies and u get hit with some candy tis lil ole me get use to it *****!!!
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Classy move..

u mad bro?

So mad.

shake and bake!

What is this I don't even....<br />
No seriously, how is that fun?

hows it not?

Wasting food and annoying people. That's why.

u bore me go away plse

Is watching the movie also fun then?


Well, then just watch that then. It'll save you from getting kicked off if you get caught.

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haute, thats a great word...... you know that its a waste of candy and considered candy abuse to be throwing it around chucking it at people? for shame! id slap you for those skittles.

I mite slap you back!

yeah i betcha do stoopid stuff like this.... you know your a haute mess right???