It Doesnt Exist, The 'love' Nowadays Is Just Another Word For Materialism

Its true, think about it. Love is truly dead, i realise i have spent so much time and energy looking foe something that doesnt exist anymore. its like trying to find atlantis, but worse, because its not an object, its has no location, no dimensions, no physicak form, and it doesnt exist. Now i have gone to the point that i have given up and that theres no point in finding something that never goes my way. I realise that the love i have receive, well the little itsy bits of love i receive is not actually fuelled by love. i realise that the girl at work used me for money, because she couldnt buy lunch, the girl at my prom used me as a reason for her parents to buy her a dress, and also to brag that she got invited to a prom. the girl at the party who was been with 20 odd men loved me because she was desperate and wanted to kiss me to show off that she got lucky in front of her friends, and dumped me the next day, and basically thats it. I realised i am valued by women as a source of luxury to fill their void. that i have to fill their empty roster just because they couldnt pick up on the hunky big guy, and also because of my money, even though i worked hard and sacrificed my freetime just to get paid. And now that i have a saab, which is a nice car, even though i worked continously hard for it, is just gonna make me more attractive, because of saab's name. that this guy is hot because he owns a sporty sedan thats classy. and now when i do become independant and probably earn more money, i will be sought after by women because i have the money to buy them pleasures that they use to brag in front of others to put them down. yeah, thats right, thats the so called love, or maybe in other words, materialism. Since then i couldnt give a f*** anymore and now i dont see the point in finding my true soulmate because i question her existence. i realise that girls will go for someone who is either physically attractive, in other words tall, muscly, hunky, brute men, rich people who have earned their money or even were born brats, or someone who is too nice, so they can dominate and trample all over that guy. so thats when i get to the point that i just couldnt see the point of falling in love, because if i do love her, she will most likely not feel the same. she will just push me over as if i dont belong. end of story.

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its not love..merely infatuationmerely infatuation

its not love..merely infatuationmerely infatuation

Just because you haven't experienced being truly loved by someone, doesn't mean that love doesn't exist anymore.

Almost like God

Well, I can see where you're coming from....My personal opinion is that you've been a recipient of lack of moral fiber in the world today....Just about everyone is focused on material things...However, not everyone is like this. When I married my husband he worried about how much money he could make and if our place and cars were as nice as his brother-in-laws...who was often seen pulling a wad of one hundred dollar bills out of his pocket....I told my husband that as long as he tried, I didn't care if he pumped gas for a living......but, then I'm a spiritual person at heart....I don't think material things matter so much.....I really don' advice is to find circles of friendships where the women there are concerned with greater things than how they live up to the Jone's....maybe a Church.....some place that helps others..i.e. habitat for humanity, etc. Remember, the number of women outnumber the number of men....You have more to choose from than we do. :) Seriously, love does exist...but, not so easy to find....Good Luck!

Well I can't comment on the majority. My personal opinion is that love is not dead; however, to find people who understand the genuine definition of it and the action to back it is rare. I think in our society today, there is a lack emotion that pentrates another's soul. Today's love is motivated purely by one's self. It is sad that you have been misfortunate in this area, as I have too. Learn to just enjoy yourself first. You never know what will happen later.

oh no, uve had some rubbish experiences, no wonder you are such a synic about love. i promise we are not all like that. we dont all care about money and looks- those things are meaningless. most girls are just normal people who dont want to use you but to get to know you and to love you as you love them. you've had a bad run but just becuase they didnt work out doesnt mean you should give up hope on finding someone who loves you for you. i dont doubt you will- theres a world full of really nice fun and decent people- bad ones too- but also nice ones!