No God

With so much that has gone in my life and others , I have really difficultly beleiving that there is a god.  To me it's like believing in the easter bunny or santa clause or the tooth fairy.  Sure when I was a kid I'd beleived.  Love and kindness is what I beleive. No (to me) imaginary person.  It (to me) makes no sence why sooooooo many people beleive it.  (to me) someone had made it all up to keep order in the world.
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i dont think the skies and earth and we all on this earth and everything we see was able to create on its own. just do this take some water and soil and let it sit there in a box. and see if it develops into a form on its own. i dont think until u put a bit of intelligence( that i dotn know how u ever got ) and mix them and try to form it, then u wud be able to make something of those wo element. how these mountains, trees and moon and earth was created on its own. if there is not someone who created it then how it cud be possible. someone created this all. why i dont know. or even if i know that shudnt be your concern since i dont wnagt you to have my faith until u feel it amkes any sense to you. which i dont think it will. but its also true that love and kindness is what life on world is all abt. if u truly belive in it than juts know those feelings were given to you not by nothing ness but by someone who loves you very much and wanted you to ahve it when he created you. so chill and dont worry abt the negative things. u r not the only one who faces it. asking otehrs to help, reading literaure n how otehr people solved their problems can really help you get out of these problems and hardhsips.

true...very true.

That doesn't mean you can't believe in yourself :)

I believe that their is a higher intelligence out there than us. Their can't possibly be no God/Goddess out there. Imagine what that would mean when you die. Nothing. That would be a fate unimaginable, to die and there be absolutely nothing. Now that to me would be hell. When I go I want to pass over to see my family that i lost waiting for me. I am completely against organized religion, But I have hope and make prayers. Peace be with you, J