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if there really was a god, then why the hell is he letting so much wrong happening in the world?so mnay things dont go right, there are so many problems and things that happen that wouldnt if there was someone there to stop it.
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Yeah if there is a god he let's a whole lot go wrong

It is not that God permits things to go wrong, it is that your focus is not on the right end. We live in a fallen world, it is fallen because of the choices that were made in the Garden of Eden that has led to a world where we are today. This world is but dust in the wind, we are but a vapor and Christ will return one day to restore this world to his kingdom. If God were to intervene in every instance of everything we perceive as wrong a few negative things would happen. 1st, these interventions (we call them miracles when they occur) wouldn't be miraculous. 2nd, how much would we learn? How much do you learn from pleasure? Of the things you have learned in your life that you remember, how many of them required struggle or were painful?

Pain, difficulty, hardship, challenges....these are weights God employs in our lives to make us stronger! Hardly anyone would consider a child teething to be an evil thing, yet it is absolutely painful to the child (who grows up to enjoy eating food). Its all a matter of perspective.

The issue is not people, the issue is freewill and what people use it to do. Those who reject God, who reject the Sacrifice that Jesus made on a cross for us to bridge the gap between our iniquities and eternity, only see the temporal (the here and now) and do not understand a better world is coming. We as a fallen creation are depraved and it is Gods will, through the sacrifice of his son, to woo us back to him but because of our nature we reject him.

What you need to realize is that God has not returned yet because he has not decided it is time to return. His goal is to have as many people in heaven with him as possible but that can't happen if people reject Jesus in their heart. You can't be good enough, smart enough, talented enough, kind enough, generous enough or ___ enough (fill in the blank); no one can earn their way into heaven. In my opinion (among others) God wants to allow as much time as is necessary to save as many as he can, coming down and consigning to hell today all who might (with time) accept Jesus later on would not desirable.

One day in the future, all will stand before the judgement seat of Jesus and account for their life...on their own. Those who rely on themselves will never see the inside of heaven, those who accept and follow Jesus will never know the depths of hell. It is between you and the savior.

Please private message me if you have questions though, I would love to help if I can!

Grace & Peace

I agree I don't believe in a God also.