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Let's be realistic about this...

Why is it so hard to believe that God exists, merely because bad things happen to us?  I didn't see it in the manual that God had to take care of us all the time.  If I leap from a building, should I expect God to protect me?  Obviously not.  God has given us free will, and has entrusted us with the care and maintenance of this planet, and possibly the galaxy or universe as a whole.

Conversely, if you have a really, really good day, does that mean God DOES exist?  By your logic, it should.  But for the same reason we like to believe that the good things that come about are through our own efforts or by fortunate coincidence, could not the bad things also be brought about by the bad decisions of ourselves or others, or by UNfortunate coincidence?  It can't work in only one direction.  We either assume responsibility for our lives, or we don't.  Just because God loves us, doesn't mean no harm will ever come to us.  Our parents (usually) love us, but they can't stop us from getting in a car accident if they're not driving.  God isn't in our driver's seat...WE are.

That being said, my own personal theory is that God is not active in our lives.  We were created from him, and by him, to help him (flexible use of a gendered pronoun, please; I am not a deliberate sexist) discover something important about himself.  I actually believe that our consciousnesses are, individually, pieces of God himself...that when the universe was born, that was God splitting himself into countless molecules and pieces, and that we each carry a small portion of God inside us, to gather experience on what life is, and what the meaning of each human experience is.  That is why there is good and bad...all broken up, God must experience it all, to understand.  There is a balance in all of it...horror and wonder, evil and good, despair and hope, in equal measure.  When we die, the energy that is unaccounted for, possibly our soul, returns to the greater consciousness of the universe to confer its experiences back to God.  At the end of all time, God will be whole again, and will understand us and himself better...or maybe, just maybe, we will become Gods ourselves.

That's my take.

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I think you're basically saying the same thing as I am. It is always a matter of faith. We choose to have faith in something, or faith in nothing. But if you're saying that on the one hand you pray and "things like that," it sounds like you are choosing to believe that God responds to prayers...otherwise your philosophy teacher would ask you, "What's the point?"

sometimes it don't really feel like it. so much bad sh*t happens, but then all the time when really good stuff happens i always hear people say " wow there really is a God". so it can split 50/50. But if there wasn't then my question is how did we get here. i mean yeah, i know our parents had sex, but i'm saying back to the beginning of time......

Does the body value a cell of its heart more than that of it's toenail? I would contend that the body is appreciative of each cell individually, without which it would be equally diminished in its complete perfection. And yes, shocking though this may be, I do think that "bad" people contribute as much in experience value as "good" ones do, simply because what is to know life without understanding all of its facets and complexities? Similarly, God would need to understand killers who are either mentally ill by no fault of their own, or purely psychopathic. How else would "God" be able to conceive of people and their actions, without ever truly understanding each of us?<br />
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And as for the question of a quantity, I don't think more experiences makes a person more valuable to God. It's just a different shaped piece of the puzzle. Without all the pieces, the puzzle would still be incomplete.<br />
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As for morality, my beliefs on the existence of God remain separate from questions of morality. I think God alone can decide what was "right" or "wrong" in life, when he's ready to look back at all the experiences and decide what course of action, if any, to take with his own existence.<br />
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As to why I believe in God at all...a world this beautiful, with such wondrous and complex achievements as man, could not purely be an accident of biochemical fate. One look at nature and its balance, adaptations, permutations, and constant pursuit of perfection, and one would think this all has to be elements of a higher intelligence made manifest, or at least an indication of some intelligent design.

Your 'theory' on God is much like my own. Kudos to you for saying it like it is (to you and oh so different from the masses) and being brave enough to equate God to scientific terms.

Why do you believe there *is* a god to begin with? <br />
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Interesting question.... if I have more experiences, of all intensities and varieties in my life that someone else, then does that mean that I have more worth and value in the God-sum of things?<br />
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And if the purpose is contribute to God's/theGod-sum totality of things, how does morality fit into the equation? As proposed, your theory would suggest that a serial rapist-murderer contributes immeasurably to the God-sum given the vast array of *different* understandings and experiences generated. <br />
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Where does good and evil come from?<br />
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I am not meaning to argue/challenge your belief system, by the way. Rather they seem like points worth exploring to me, and perhaps help you refine your ideas. (Or not).

I completely disagree, strawberry is the best :D. <br />
There's this saying that I read a Prophet had said, Tie your camel to the tree and then trust in God to protect it.

I agree...besides, we all know chocolate is better anyway. ; )

I have to agree with what you said about just because god loves us doesn't mean no harm will come to us, but do you ever have a really good day and ever get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside like god is near or ever get saved from doing something or have a near death experience like god was really watching your back? I had this experience in highschool, almost got ran over by a truck, but anyhow point is that maybe god only comes through for you when you really need him and he has to let us make our own mistakes.

wow. i'm really confused now