Like Hell It Isn't!

No, I don't! Period! Why in the Hell would people get married if they are still to busy being a **** by spreading their legs or sticking their dicks in everything with a pulse that they see!
This is the one thing that I can not stand and will not tolerate from anyone! If you have done it, I do not want to know about it! I was raised in a ****** up home where my dad was screwing around on my mother. The ***** called my mother and told her what was going on. My mother ended up in a hospital from having a break down. I have also heard rumors about my mother also having affairs but haven't gotten any real proof over it. Just my father. Not that I would want to know for sure either. I have gone through so much **** over this being raised by a bitter parent. Everytime she would look at me, she would think of my father. That does not mean that she didn't love me, it just made it harder for her and me when I did something wrong. And the words that would come out of her mouth that, "you are just like your father. You have betrayed me just like him." I will never be able to get over this because of some tramp who couldn't find a man of her own.
I have read on here so many stories about people who think it's ok as long as they don't get caught. What a bunch of bullshit! This just shows how unmoral you really are. How proud you are of saying you are a *****. To be honest, I hope all of you all get caught and pay for what damage you have done to your families. I have no mercy for anyone here or anywhere else who will get burned after they finally realize how they have destroyed their respect and the lives of their family, friends, and anyone else who looks at them because they have known what they have done after they get caught.
Not only was my home life screwed up, but my mother became mentally screwed up as well because of this. I have a strong hate and that is all I will feel about this subject...HATE! There is nothing in the world that could ever change my mind about this ****** up act that people feel the need because they are still young, or have feelings or needs too, or you only live one life. **** YOU!
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Do you think there is a difference between being faithful and a sex life that includes other people? I mean like the one partner likes to watch the other two have sex or including a third member?

Dont you just love the stories of some of these guys that say they watch their wife go and have sex with one, two or three, etc. men. I mean come on, they drive them there. And these women who cheat on their husbands and the husbands know.<br />
totally agree with you 100 %.