They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

American soldiers (along with US governmental agencies) tortured, raped and killed prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. This led to many human
rights violations. Read more here:

American soldiers urinating at the dead bodies of Afghan civilians.

Israeli soldiers, need I say more?

How can I bring myself to even respect people like this, much less call them "heroes" ? Do these people even have respect for human life?
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They only have respect for some human life...that of those they define as "us," and not of those they define as "other".


This is ******* horrible.

this is a side of Islam the mainstream media will never cover, you know, because we are all "terrorists" not to be sympathized with.


check up on Abu Ghraib prison too, its just sad.

I probably shouldn't. I'd get depressed, the news of Syria and Israel is horrid enough...

true...besides this one includes torture and the pictures are just horrible.

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let them become the worst monsters of our matter how dark their souls are...
even a little light can finish the darkness....