Would You Really Want One ?

I don’t believe any of us have a perfect life, including myself.
We are like a thread woven through the fabric of time that brought us to this place. No one is perfect, we are flawed. Some if us have scars far deeper than others but we all have them.  Many of us have survived life, death, divorce, heartache, love, betrayal, abuse and so many more things. Through all of this we are stronger, able to make our path in the world we live in.
Life sometimes deals you a crappy hand but the point is we take what we are given and learn from it. We have the love & support of family and friends to guide us through and be there for us through all of it.
So while none of us have a perfect life. We all have a life, filled with imperfections and that’s really not a bad thing at all  :)
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aasha88- i agree, I think there is always someone out there that 'thinks' they may want the life they see you have but that's the thing, it's only what they see. They don't know it, don't live it ...all they see is a glimpse of your reality and for most of us that is far from perfect :) <br />
Thanks so much for your wonderful comment!

i agree...perfection is just a phrase, nothing is this world is perfect, and obviously neither are we. We are here to live, and grow and learn, and face things. We have loved ones and we have bad times and worse times. But at the end of the day, wehn u really wonder, you really really wonder, in this whole universe what is OUR place,, its nuthing, we are just part of this huge universve, we llive we do things and we die. So we just need to try, try to do everything that is possible and everything that we want to do, we should try andn never give up, and be happy. Failures wil come, because no oen can get everything they want ever, so i guess thts it, we live and thats it.<br />
Even i dont understand . From where i stand, lot of people seem like they have a perfect life. There has not BEEN A DAY, wehn i dont stare at someone and wonde,r I IWSH I HAD THEIR LIFE,<br />
i do wonder...but its how it is. There will always be someone standing and wondering they wished they had your life. Its how it is, logic of the world

LittleLena -That's so true... and then if all was perfect what would we have to strive for! :) <br />
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Thanks welshbabe- hopefully we all learn from mistakes but some of us are doomed to repeat them if we don't. Life is a journey full of twists and turns and experiences,. I am so thankful I have friends here I can share this with :) <br />
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Yes of course SuperMother :)

In my opinion snowbunny1002, you have said it all brilliantly and i agree! no we are none of us perfect,. If we were what a place that would be hey!!??? We grow, make mistakes and some of us learn by these mistakes and move on and become the model citizen, other's do the opposite and commit crimes or whatever! <br />
Thank you for sharing this insightful and thought provoking post, my friendly friend! :-)

No one is Perfect and No one can Be. That does not mean we can not strive to be a better person. The olny Person on this Earth that was PERFECT was JESUS CHRIST

WIB- I completely agree :) <br />
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SuperMother- I thought we were friend :) <br />
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MsIza- thanks my friend !!

Each of us have a unique, imperfect life ... it's such a gift ... something special just for us. That's why when we come together on EP or elsewhere, that we can tell fascinating stories ... each different yet somehow familiar too ... human beings are amazing.

Dee67- Exactly! And we wouldn't appreciate all we learn from the imperfections to truly appreciate all the perfection :) . It's through learning that we truly get to know ourselves anyway right :) <br />
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I have never had a perfect life and for that I am grateful and appreciative of all of my life's little imperfections :)

I very much agree with your story, snowbunny. As it is only by knowing imperfection that we can know perfection, in the first place. :) It is only by knowing difficulty that ease can be known. The great paradoxes of life. All of it makes life worth living. If we were simply given perfection, we could not recognize it anyways, until we had known imperfection intimately for ourselves.

Exactly Chiquita69... we are only given what we can handle, if we allow ourselves to get lost in self pity it only harms us. <br />
We have to enjoy each day we are given because we never know when the last one will come.

I couldn't agree with you more, Snowy. My life is far from perfect, but ultimately, we all have a choice. We can make the best out of what we have, or we can wallow in self pity. Pretty easy choice, I think.

That's right Joelwantedto.. with the bitter always comes the sweet ...and it makes it that much better :)

Were it not for the bitter, how then would we appreciate the sweet?

Thanks zall1rog! Much appreciated :)

hschalcartis- thanks so much for your comments. They are very moving and very truthful. <br />
It would never be as much fun if we were all perfect would it? Great way of thinking :)

You're words are very simple, deep, and true. Thankfully you aren't alone in your thinking- otherwise, frankly, we'd be a lot worse off in the world. Perfect isn't something that life can be- scars from the past shape us into who we are, but do not define us as people. <br />
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Even during the lowest times, when we feel that we are so alone, we keep moving forward because we know that that time will not last forever. Life is all highs and lows for us, we imperfect creatures. We stumble, we fall, we jump, we scramble, we hasten, we take our time, and, sometimes, we fall flat on our faces. But we keep going, because, well, because it's all experience. It's all moving forward, and, good or bad, at the end, you know the truth. The adventure along the way was the most important part.<br />
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Would that have happened, would those things be possible, if we were perfect? No- perfection is, if anything, a contradiction of our nature. It would completely negate everything, and it would make us all carbon copies of eachother.<br />
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How, then, could any of us be happy? Imperfection is what makes life interesting. We certainly wouldn't have as much fun without it. :)