Doctors Are Full of It!

I have known many people related and nonrelated, including myself, that have been misdiagnosed or died from wrong medications.  About 8 years ago I was at the end of my rope.  I got down the bible and started reading. Throughout the whole KJV bible it tells you not to put trust in man, not to put confidence in man and only put trust in Jesus.  So I did. I now have my children at home. I do not use a doctor for anything.  I use afadavits for my children.  Jesus said he wouldn't put more on you than you can handle if you serve him.  I've had broken arms, deathly sicknesses, fingers almost cut off, marriage problems, spider bites and you name it to come against my house but Jesus delivered every time.  He said nothing uncommon to man will come against us, but if we earnestly seek him he will deliver.  The sign for a hospitol is a staff with a snake wrapped around it. Hey, guess what? That came from the bible.  He also said that pharmacutics is witchcraft.  Put all of this together. The only reason we have doctors is for their income!

jgm379 jgm379
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2009