I Don't Believe Anyone Has A Soulmate

I'm sure true love exists somewhere in the world, though hardly ever in the happy-clappy, idealised Hollywood sense. I'm sure you can meet somebody, fall in love and go on to live a reasonably content life with them (though I reckon many many people will never even manage this) But a soul mate? The idea of there being someone out there who's your natural kindred spirit and you're destined to end up with them? I don't buy any of that.

Let's say for arguments sake that there was a soul mate for you somewhere in the world. What would be the odds that you find them among the other 6 billion or so people on the planet? Some people avoid this by saying there's such a thing as multiple soul mates but I find that really arrogant. What makes you so special that there are so many people out there in tune with so much that you share the natural affinity of a so-called soul mate?

Like I said I do believe in love, I just think it's much rarer and difficult to find than Hollywood teaches us. As you get older and lonelier I think the priority is less about finding the right person and more about finding the least-wrong person. True love is rare and many will never experience it. Those who insist upon soul mates existing are just a little bit deluded in my honest opinion.
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Sorry I think you are very wrong
I had one for a few years we did not even have to talk with each other, we knew what the other was thinking almosy from the first day we became friends,
I also know most people cannot pay the cost of losing a soul mate, or maybe that is why they take their own lives is due to the pain of that connection failure.