Except For Santa

I still believe in him. Don't want to chance being on the wrong end of that fence.
AlDemone AlDemone
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2011

Des, even when our kids didn't believe anymore, they never actually said the words out loud. No one really wants to let go of the magic.<br />
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Right, Rumonk??

*fingers in ears* Oh say can you seeeeeeeeee. By the dawn's early light.

There seems to be new trend for parents to tell their kids there is no Santa Claus. They say things like "I would never lie to my kids." Or "Why would you want your kids to believe in something that's not real?"<br />
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I think that's really messed up. There is not enough magic in this world. Why would someone deny their child something that brings so much joy?