I'm Not Organized-religious, But I Think Fox News Is The Devil

I don't trust the media, especially FOX News. It happens to be my dad's favorite channel so I watch a lot by default. I figure if a news station has to spend millions of dollars on a public relations campaign to convince the public that they're fair and balanced, chances are, they're full of ****. My dad's like most Americans... he assumes everything they tell him is gospel and accepts it as "truth" without question. To me, they're just a PR front for the US Government... and I don't believe anything they tell me either. What does FOX mean anyway? Is it an acronym? It's not like they have a cute furry red one as their mascot.
I recently started exploring Gematria (assigning a numeric value to a word/phrase) and was curious if anything unusual would come out of the word FOX. Here's what I found: "F" is the 6th letter in the English alphabet, "O" is the 15th letter (1+5= 6), and "X" is the 24th (2+4= 6)... 666. Interestingly, the owner of the FOX network, Rupert Murdoch, also owns publishing rights to the Satanic Bible. What a coinky-dink!
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2 Responses May 14, 2012

Hey, have you ever had to go a whole day with your socks halfway off you feet in your shoes because they kept falling down when you walk? Lol

One problem I have with the media is that they don't get all the facts right, especially when they first air something. For example; the angry bikers that attacked the SUV driver. The first time I saw it, they only showed the biker hitting the SUV window, making it look like just another thug at it again. Then the next day or two, they showed just the SUV running over one of the bikers and then driving off, which then, makes you feel like what the 'thug' did was justified. LASTLY, they put all of the videos together and now things truly make sense. So, becuase of this, I no longer trust anything that is reported. The only news I watch are the kind that let you know if something is wrong with foods like lettuce might be contaminated, or there's a recall. But anything other than that just seems like the media is yanking our emotions.

Fox News in my opinion are just a bunch of bullies; people that have not yet grown out of high school.