Romeo And Juliet

Once upon a time, a boy loved me deeply and passionately with all of his heart and soul. But I was a skeptic and didn't believe him. I've always been nervous around those kinds of people who seem to have an incredible ability to feel emotions on an extreme level. I've never believed the story of Romeo and Juliet because I have always thought that the girl should love the guy more, not the other way around. Now, I have lost my Romeo and I feel lost. I told him I love him and that I want to be with him forever but that we aren't right for each other at the moment, that we need to mature and learn more about ourselves before we become too involved and experience true love. He told me that he would never be able to find someone who made him as happy as I did and that he would go on searching forever and would never find his one true love because I was it and that I would never be back with him and that he was sorry that he wasn't my one true love and he had never wanted anything more than to be that. Still, despite all of this, he told me that the relationship, for him, is now or never. According to him, I chose never.

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many more lovers to experience and the joys of love

If you believe you only get one chance at love, then you are both fools.