Naturally Drawn To Or Away From

I wish I could have the radar to give me flashes, giving me alerts of things real or fake . Of sincerety and genuineness.
But all I have is my heart to take the risk. Trial and error is what it's all about. The degree of hurt and dismay can't be measured, but how I let myself get close to, even how I put distance to an individual is an instinct. I can't force myself to believe, neither abstain myself to enjoying the person. It all just comes out natural. And I can't help it.
To believe or not to believe everything I am told comes out as a sweet torment . . .along the way are the sweet scents I enjoy.
While being drawn deeper to you . . .or away from you.
ladyryan ladyryan
46-50, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2012

I can view this comment as two sided for me.. :)

Aww-w-w I'll take that as a joke then (ur comment) LOL!

even Jokes conveys... my dear intelligent friend

We're either drawn in to another or something makes us edge back...I feel that way a lot of times and am learning more and more to listen to those instincts.... Sometimes they're wrong but a lot of times they are right on the money.

So true. . .