Step right up folks and see the amazing Psychotic Psychiatrist. He’s able to diagnosis and prescribe 3 potentially lethal drugs in under 8 minutes.

No mirrors here …

... just a fool with a prescription pad. Step right in folks and be amazed and possibly medicated for life. All for a small entrance fee. Step right up!!!!

Step right up folks and visit the Psychotic Psychiatrist Tent.

Bring your children and your elderly.

Hear about chemical imbalance from the very mouth of this dangerous creature. Leave with a diagnosis and more samples of his venom than ever given by any drug pusher.

Step right up.

All are welcome.

He’ll be here all week so tell your friends and neighbors, if you dare!!!!!!

Step right up folks!!!

If you don’t receive a diagnosis your money will be refunded. You’ll learn of diseases you didn’t have a clue you’re suffering from. The Psychotic Psychiatrist can diagnosis your whole family in less time than it takes to visit the Tattooed Lady Tent. Step right up and experience more bull chit than you’ll see in the livestock exhibit.

Hurry!!! Hurry!!!! Step this way!!


46-50, M
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The untender trap?