I've been lied to so many times I'm starting to believe that I have a magnet for compulsive liars. My best friend of 4 years told me just last year that they are a compulsive list an basically everything they had told me was a lie. Since then I can't find it In me to trust any one, especially her. I was mad yes but instead I took the time to get to know her all over again, but the scary part is, is I don't know if she made all this up again or if this is the real her. Regardless I'm skeptical to everything she, or any one else says. Oh and my parents switched out my goldfish a couple times when I was younger, I thought that think lived an 8 year lifespan, nope didn't know until just this last month. So one severe and one minor lie and all trust destroyed.
desertlilley desertlilley
18-21, F
Dec 28, 2013