A ran done piece of advice I got from a drunk: "Don't believe anything you are told and don't believe half of the things you see."
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So, should you believe him?

Good question xD

No, it really wasn't.

Well, I think it's a good question. :3

It seems rather redundant.

Yes. It was just a post, bro. Nothing serious about it.

Thanks mstedious. xD

I know, that's why I asked that question, it's funny. :P

If you're thanking her, why are you replying to me?

And it wasn't funny at all. You have a crappy sense of humor if you thought it was.

That's quite simple, EP messes things up at times and it can be quite tough to read at times.

I respect your opinion about my sense of humour.

Now go away.

Oh damn, sorry. Messed things up xD the other messages wasn't for you hahah.

I don't think anyone cares. I get your crappy notifications regardless of who you're talking to.

Everyone has a different sense of humour, anyone can say the same about your sense of humour. It's crappy since you didn't find it funny! :o

Anywho, I didn't find it redundant at all. It made sense in a very strange way. n,n

It had nothing in regards to my post. It was stupid. He should just stop trying to be funny because it won't happen. Do you know who's funny? Comedians. He's not one of them. Also, this post wasn't meant for his humor.

Wooo, you've made your point, you hate my humour, I hate your attitude, let's move on.

I don't hate humor. I just hate that you have crappy humor.

I respect your opinion about my humour. Hence why I said you hate MY humour.

Puh-lease. You seem old enough to know that you won't always get the responds you want.

It does, he asked you if you would believe him. That clearly associates with what the drunk person said since he told you not to believe anything anyone says.

Not all comedians are funny, once again, everyone has a different sense of humour.

Thanks mstedious. :P I don't really care what she has to say though, so unless it's for yourself, there's no need to defend me. ^^

If you didn't care, you wouldn't feel a need to say it. Simple psychology fact. :)

Believe what you will.

Well, I'm just using Psychological studies to make my judgement.

Alright, that's fine. I reaaally care about your opinion.

Such fail sarcasm.

You don't know how old I am not what I know. Plus, I really don't see a point in him asking me such. Obviously I like the advice. It's not my fault he's too stupid to figure that out.

No, of course I don't know how bloody old you are! However, I can tell by your picture you're not 70 or over. Even if you are, you should know that you don't always get what you want. :3

Well, that's you isn't it? I saw a point in his comment; you didn't. That's not his fault?

It's his fault for not using any sense to make an assumption of how I felt about the quote. If I didn't agree with the site, why would I mention it? What is he? Retarded?

Woooo, now I'm retarded because my comment made no sense to you. Of course, you're an ultimate being who understands all, so i'm terribly sorry I have deemed myself unworthy of your unparalled wisdom and understanding.

Fun fact: those who belittle others often feel insecure about themselves.

It made sense to me, hence why I think you're retarded. Actually, that's not a fact. There's no psychological/scientific evidence backing that. I am actually quite secure with myself.

What the hell. You're starting to become the "retard" you are speaking of. I mean, Junkard is right, you're in the wrong here.

You mentioned this quote for people to understand that you don't always believe what you're told. You weren't exactly asking for advice nor were you trying to get across how you're feeling about it.

You simply wanted to share this quote.

Well, then he should have stated his opinion on the quote than asking a stupid question. I would've respected that.

Just so you know, there is such thing as an "opinion question." So you were wrong when you said "asking a question isn't an opinion." n.n

Gosh, it wasn't a stupid question at all. It made perfect sense and it fits with what you posted! The only thing he did was add a little humour to it. Even without the humour it would have been a perfectly reasonable question.

Not to my post it wasn't. He is simply not acceptable. You state a regain at opinion and leave. That is it. Now you two are annoying me, so it's time for you to leave

Alright then, let me explain my point and let's see if you're not too stupid to see my point.

When I read your post about the drunkards advice, I thought to myself, if he says that, should you believe him? So it sounded funny to me, but also had my opinion of his advice in it, so I decided to post it.

Then I got some bitchy answers and a bitchy attitude simply because you don't like my sense of humour, which is totally fine since that's how you wanna be.

I hope I made myself clear and have alleviated any misunderstandings between us.

I understood you. I never said you didn't. You never have your opinion in your retarded question. Asking a question isn't an opinion.

*I not you

By "him" I meant the drunk person. :3

No shyt.

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