4/1/15 pm
I feel in some aspects we've lost the romance we used to have . Many expect to have sex on the first date . It doesn't matter if there is no tomorrow .
How many different people have they had sex with . I won't say " slept with" that desensitises it. Makes it politically correct .
I'm not politically correct . In my earlier years if a girl was willing to drop her panties on the first date , I'd back away . Yes I would and did . I was terrified of catching something that we used to call, VD. Now it's simply an STD . I've written in a light hearted way in previous stories about this subject .
Call me old fashioned , I still open doors for the girls and ladies . I always will.
I don't care if my attitude is taken with a pinch of salt .
Maybe I'm wrong to care about a woman getting he safely at night .
I'm an old fashioned romantic man , a man who respects everyone who in turn shows respect . It's not about religion . It's not about being perceived to be doing the correct thing . To me it's about being yourself . If you don't have to say please and thank you , it's your choice not to. Just don't ask me for something unless you're prepared to say " please "
I love the lady who's shown me respect and love . The woman who accepts many of the things I hold dear to me .
As I write this my third story in 2 days , I know you will read it and maybe even think I'm a little crazy . But darling , I adore you .in my eyes you're faultless . Whatever you feel , or how you perceive yourself , in my eyes you are an incredible woman.

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Jan 4, 2015