I pressed on me too when I saw this title about 2 months ago. Usually I write about that subject 1 or 2 days later. But I thought this was such an obvious statement. Of course everyone doesn't believe everything they're told! That's what I was thinking! Today, after being at a conference about Asperger's Syndrome Disorder (ASD) (I do have it mildly. I was also the only teen there out of about 500 people except there might've been a guy around 18) which had made me think about it whilst on EP. So I've just realised (by my self) that the title I Don't Believe Everything Im Told doesn't mean in a literal sense, I Don't Believe Everything Im Told but I Don't Believe Everything I'm Told About Myself. 2 months to realise that after all the times I scroll past that experience! & some people with ASD would believe everything they're told. & I point this out in a song I wrote yet to be released with this; “I'll believe, despite everything I'm told”. Good song, 1 of my best. I'm a believer in myself.
fcnantes fcnantes
16-17, M
Jan 10, 2015