A great example would be....... religion! The thing that i am not allowed to even question at the risk of being hit!
Seriously though I wish parents were more open minded about beliefs and the more deeper side of life.
well, actually everyone.
Like how am I supposed to know if there's a heaven or hell, angels and demons, or even if this life has a purpose?
It's probably because of my harsh childhood that I question everything now, because once I have solid faith in something, it usually fades or breaks in front of my eyes.
Granted over the realistic things like "there's a person behind you" I'll take your word on it.
but but for the things that are multi-faceted and can be interpreted in a million different ways could you not force it.
Life is a basket filled with lollipops, who knows what flavor you'll get~~
just be nice.
SnowSpirites SnowSpirites
18-21, F
Jul 17, 2015