I See Myself Repeating Past Mistakes.

I have made some mistakes more than once. Some things I just can't seem to learn from. I seem to have extremely bad judgement when it comes to how to behave in either friendship or relationship. Sometimes I do really random things that are just completely inappropriate to the situation. I am full of guilt and self-loathing all the time, and usually feel like I'm not really wanted anywhere. I wear a false smile to mask what I feel, because I don't want others to feel they are no use when they try so hard to help me.

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Thankyou for your comments. <br />
I hope I will be able to change my thinking,, when I have written all this out and then I can leave it behind.

I too have a problem with change, but know it is necessary for growth. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Some learn some don't, but we know that there are always consequences to our actions. We need to learn to look at the consequences that might happen. What you might think would "feel good", "look good", "want", or "think you need", may not be the best thing in your life. "Its the think before you say or do" i too tend to do or say some things sparatically, that i can kick myself afterwards, but the thing is to get over the past and to move on. Today is a new day! You can change! put your heart and mind in it, be hopeful.

You are going to be on the planet for another 50-60 years. You can revert to what it comfortable behaviour, or you can choose to become the "New Holoman". But you have to constiencely choose to move out of the comfort zone...which, as a kid, it was a safe place. But now those reactions aren't workin' for you anymore, are they? Every minute of every day, you have to remember, and keep thinking to yourself "New Me, New Me....."

if you dont believe, you will not change... you should start believe in it, all is in our minds. Change your thinking, then you can change yourself.