What Happened?

i can really only think of one person that i could call a  true friend and she lives two states away. i used to always go out and had lots of friends. i guess i just got so wrapped up in my job and my relationship that i stopped keeping in touch and i stopped going out. most of my old friends moved to the other major city in my state. i chat with them on myspace sometimes and we make plans to get together but it doesn't usually happen. i am very lonley...

deadlycupcake deadlycupcake
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

i have always been ashamed that i have never had true friends either...i have tried, so so many times. i look for flowers, but all i keep finding are weeds...<br />
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and it makes me reflect on my life...and all i can come up with is that maybe i am the weed...who merely thinks she is a flower...<br />
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im sorry for you, because i know how you feel...i hope you find your flowers. just keep searching and dont give up on people because there are good people. my boyfriend is the only flower (outside of family) that has ever come into my life. but he is proof that people can be good...<br />
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