I Don't Believe Because It Doesn't Exist

there is no such thing as a world without music...something has melody whether it's the animals that inhabit this world or the types of tools the inhabitants use, in the commotion of living you can find music
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Oh I bet, she's a mover and shaker huh :)

Recovering nicely :) She doesn't like taking things easy though so its hard for her to rest and get better.

hey thanks Bass :)<br />
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You too! How's ms Sugar doing?

You should have it all my friend

I choose neither Bass!<br />
<br />
I want it all! <br />
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I want to hear "I love you" and hear children play, listen to the brook in the woods down from my house, listen to my team's fight song! omg I would hate to not hear that or Aerosmith! <br />
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I want to see the Crimson and White on the field surrounded by a sea of fans, see Steven Tyler with his hand in his hair gripping the mic, watch my nephew grow even taller (@ 7 he's already 4'4), the kids I nannied I want to see what kind of people they turn into, I want to see the smile on his face when I walk up...

Sure you can :)

yes but then there's not seeing the love in your partner's eyes...not being able to watch your children grow...go to a concert of your favorite band...<br />
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Can I say neither?

Yes the age old question......would you rather be sightless or deaf. Most immediately say deaf.......but would you really? Never being able to hear the words "I love you"......no music....no birds chirping....kids playing......

What a thing to ponder...I couldn't imagine it either. Hmm you have made me think Bass.

I've wondered what it is like for someone who is deaf. Music is one of the greatest joys in my life. I can't begin to imagine a world with no sound.

Yes! exactly...indeed it is thankfully, otherwise how dull our world would be :)

So true. Like a child banging on pots and pans.....music is everywhere.