I used to believe in angels and I clapped really hard when Tinkerbell asked! but now I don't believe in them anymore.

May be they live some place really far from me.

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Well spoken

God gave us free will but the spiritual leaders try to us! what a world

Many terrible things happen in this world because God gave us free will. But if he hadn't, how could he judge us?

@ Sammylou, well spoken, but I read a book, "The Shack" that said Jesus was sitting beside a girl that was abused and murdered! and he comforted her!?!?<br />
<br />
It was very annoying, I hope angels don't exist, because we are better off without such angels,

I have accepted the possibility, I think believe might com later.

I didn't know there were bad angels.<br />
Maybe the ones I've met were all bad, that's why I don't believe in them.<br />
<br />
Thank you Puck

Angels are fascinating. I think I've met a few. There are all different kinds, and they're not all good. Usually when they show up they look like ordinary people. The ones I've met anyway.

I think sirens are anti-angels!!!

I heard of angels, but never saw them.<br />
I saw sirens though.

Maybe, but not for me, I hope at least they exist for my baby girl.

Thanks Floydian, I know you mean good.

Awww sowwy! :(