Was It Right In The End?

My current girlfriend was my best friend before we dated. The thing is..is that while she was dating this guy, I told her how I felt about her. She then didn't believe me. But then one day I was at her house and we were laying so close to each other just talking and telling secrets. I then kissed her. The kissing turned into making out and I didn't stop..neither did she. She then went home and I wasn't sure if what i did was wrong or not...because thats all I was wanting since I've liked her for so long. I know that she is dating this other guy though. We talked about it all the time and she told me that she likes this guy and she likes me too. She didn't know what to do. But her ex boyfriend never found out that she cheated on him with me. The thing is..I don't believe in cheating..but she did "cheat" per say. So does that mean she will cheat on me too? She told me she wouldn't. And from the start she told me that she would never cheat on anyone, but ended up cheating on her boyfriend. So I don't know..she also told me that she has liked me for about a year and that it was right to cheat because she was using the guys to get over me...because i was dating someone else at that time. So what do you guys think about this? Should i believe that she wouldn't cheat on me? Or if you were in my situation what would you do/ would have done?
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the other question was did you know she was with the boyfriend? Which I think you already mentioned you did - so it was a little duplicitous of you as well - knowing full well she was in a relationship and adding confusion to the mix. So I think that puts you both on equal footing again.<br />
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Maybe your friend wants to have the best of both worlds.

nine times out of ten yes they would cheat on you to... but there are exceptions... an if she likes this guy as well then chances are she would