I Had The Wrong Done To Me So I Did The Wrong...

My ex had done the wrong thing with me an i recent ed men for it i recent ed the other woman.. an in turn i turned out to be some thing i never had been... I ended up having an affair with some-one who had a g/f an it was the biggest mistake i made.. i hated myself for it for a long time..cause i new the hurt the g/f would have felt but it didn't stop me from playing this guy for a dummy so to speak... I have since then admitted to the g/f that it had happened an although i told the truth he still Denys it.. so since i have told the truth an made peace with my self i have vowel never to be like that again..
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cool thank you... i gotta agree with that... everyone has to except different views... but there is no need for anger....

Anytime, I try to be ob<x>jective and think things through rationally. I tend to be the one that knows all of my friends secrets and end up giving lots of advise.. so anytime you need advise I would be glad to offer some and I am usually not offended if you don't agree with me as long as there is no anger I can respect different points of view!

maybe, but forgiving myself is not so easy...an yes you are right the rest is up to them... thank you for being a friend an understanding.. most of all thank you for the advise...

IF she won't listen to your warning about her getting hurt then I am sorry but there isn't any more you can do. You don't have to fight against cheaters to redeem yourself, just live your life and be happy with or without a man in your life. As long as you don't make the same mistake, you will have redeemed yourself. You will have the experience under your belt and be able to offer advise on both sides of this situation. I am sorry you didn't get this guy to learn anything from using women and being dishonest, he probably will never feel bad about it and if his wife wants to be in a relationship like this then she probably is either very insecure or maybe she cheats too but it is their relationship and you did what you could to help, the rest is up to them. I am proud of you for wanting to redeem yourself but dont' be to hard on yourself, we all make mistakes and their are reasons why people do messed up things, usually those reasons have to do with messed up things happening to them. Forgive yourself and you will care less about this.

my friend new it may hurt... but it was not so much that it hurt me as i did move on in life... but it hurts me at the fact even with proof his wife is the one that is going to get hurt over an over... i buggered up big time when i did it but they were not married then... when i found out he got married i stopped an even told her the truth with an apology... so if i can be honest then why cant i get him or my ex friend to do the same... an i feel if he wants to be with her or play the field then he should get a divorce... that is what hurts i know about it an i cant do nothing to prevent it from happening... us we what ever should not have to go through it... an the one thing i did learn i didn't hurt him at all... i hurt every thing i fight against... i just hope in time i can redeem myself an fight stronger against cheaters

Trust me, my husband does not get off easy, although I understand where his mind was at the time. HE didn't actually have sex with her and I honestly could forgive him for pretty much anything. OUr relationship has been to hell and back so many times. We tried to split up before we got married and it didn't work.<br />
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It sounds like the guy you were with has more issues than just not being faithful and i know that when someone hurts us we want so badly for them to be hurt too... or at least feel bad about what they have done. Don't waist time on this person any longer. How immature is it of him to send you a picture of him with your "friend" and your friend sounds like she wasn't much of a friend if she knew that he hurt you. If she is thinking that he won't do the same to her then she is wrong. Men that cheat constantly never have that special one that he won't hurt. Just try to remember that anyone that treats people that way can not like themself very much.

im sorry you had to go through that.. an as for the girl maybe one day she will wake up to her self.. but always remember it takes two to tango... so if your other half did play a roll in it then he will be to blame to.. it is just a shame i couldn't get the guy's wife to wake up an realize he will hurt her again which i no he has cause he sent me a pic of him in bed with what was my best friend... that is not his wife... i am sorry for the wrong i did an only using him was a mistake.. cause it didn't hurt him like i wanted it to do....

It is good that you realize the hurt you have caused. Alot of girls find a married man and pursue him for thier own happiness, it is a big mistake because the man never leaves his wife and usually ends up being filled with hate for the girl who wanted to ruin his whole family's life. My husband made the mistake of being friends with a desperate lonely girl who wanted him to be with her. She saw what a great husband and father he was and wanted him instead of a man like him. If she really cared about my husband she wouldn't have wanted him to ruin his life, my life and my son's life. It was so selfish on her part and my husband has had to do everything short of a restraining order to get her to leave us alone. She made comments about pictures of my son on the internet, this was the most hurtful thing of all. She really did think that she could have my life.

good for you