Cheated on Twice, Divorced Twice

I was married to my first wife for four years when I first started working in Alaska. I would be gone for 2 to 3 months at a time and home for a month. She always loved the money and what I could provide. Yet I came home unanounced and found her with another man. The my second time around I made sure my wife to be new what she was getting into with my carrier, we were married 13 years. Samething happened this time more devestating on my part because of my children, the home we owned and what I thought was our white picket fence world we lived in. There was never a complaint about being gone, infact I was now working 2 months on 2 months off. Funny in both marriages I let them have everything, let it all go. Now I find I am even leary to date even tho I do not work in Alaska anymore.
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I feel for you, I have been in the same boat only once, but my wife now and I have been married for 23 years.Don't give up if they cheated on you they didn't really love you fully, I never have had the urge to look at another woman and my wife feels the same. She was cheated on also. But we have found the right ones. There is the right lady for you, Do go out and date it might be tough to trust but you will find a lady who will love you as much and be committed to each other as you are, Look up things always get better.

Thank you, I hope grantmepeaceplease reads this to. It gives hope and shows me what is possible.

I guess it is safe to assume you were faithful while you were away?

When you love someone how can you cheat? I have always been faithful! Even to my dog :)

Well, I had to ask. It is good that you were faithful. Too bad that your partners cheated. It becomes difficult to trust after being cheated on over and over again. For me, I feel that either there just aren't any men who can keep it zipped, or I am just not good enough to keep them interested. So, I gave up. I am happier alone than with someone I can't trust.

I understand how you feel, I feel the same way. Yet, I am unwilling to let the actions of others "be it my ex-wives" cause me to stop seeking that one person I can truly share my life with and theirs with me. I know it is not going to be easy the issues linger. Thank you for sharing. David

Good Luck, David. I wish you well.

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