Hate Cheaters But I Have Been Cheated On Alot

Everything in me is against cheating, I have never once thought about doing it to my partner. But he has done it three times to me. Everything in me and how I have always though means I should leave him. It is the worst feeling in the world to have caught the one person I love more then anything, with another girl. He has told me I can go do something with someone else but I wont do it to him. I cant. Even though I know I should leave I have a hard time being the one who gets up and walks out that door.... Maybe its just because hes the love of my life, or because Ive been with him for so long I dont know what to do without him, Or I am just blind hoping he will change for me and actually love me and be faithful to me.
BreAnnaHammons BreAnnaHammons
26-30, F
2 Responses May 3, 2012

Oh i know I cannot trust him anymore. Since this post I have been cheated on 4 more times by him and I am done. I finally took a chance and moved back home with my family. I wont deal with cheating anymore. I want a chance to be happy and with him I was not happy at all.

I'm with you, dear. I think we're in the same boat now.<br />
No words can explain how heart-broken I am, and I love him so much letting go feels like my life is being drained out of me. It's difficult to accept the fact that he could love another woman after all the love he's showered me with. But I guess we both need to muster all the courage we have and think of what kind of life we want to have in future. They said "if the same mistake is repeated twice, it can happen for the third time..and fourth, and so on". Can you trust him again to spend the rest of your life with? Part of me is so reluctant because I truly love him, but another part of me he's not worth it. I should give myself a chance to be loved by a man who truly deserve me and my sincere heart. You too :)