If your gonna cheat please just save your partner the hurt and break up first, you have no idea the hurt it causes and if you do and do it anyway shame on you!
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Exactly. <br />
<br />
I've had to deal with adultery in my relationship this year and the boatload of misery it caused to everyone involved was enormous. Truly heart shattering. It takes months and months to heal and rebuild the trust that once existed. If ever.

I've had two past girlfriends cheat on me. You know what's funny?<br />
When you catch them cheating and confront them they get mad at YOU!!!<br />
"you're such a hypocrite, you're ex girlfriend had 7 partners, and I've only had three!" (mad). That was one. Then the other gf, when I found her love emails to another guy and phone logs and confronted her; "how dare you invade my privacy, youre like a stalker!"

That second one sounds quite familiar! In my case it was because of my lacking that caused her to stray but if things get that bad why stay??? These days people think cheating is the "norm" and everyone does it, tisk tisk.

my bf always say 'That's just your assumption, it might be wrong'..He thought I'm just accusing without evidence, when the fact is I know everything I just want to see how would he react when being confronted....plus, I know his p/w and stalked him :P