Even Though We Are Not Together

my heart and my desire is just for him love is one thing that is hard to find and
nearly impossible to fall out of , well at least for me i love him and i dont want
to know anything bad about him i cant stand the thought that maybe he did cheat on
me when we were together, and that means even if we broke up for a few days or even a month
to me that is still cheating and i think that if he did break up with me just to have sex with other women
well i think that, that would be the same as cheating because i still loved him and would never do that to him
if he has cheated on me i dont think i want to know. we are not ment to be together anyways, he doesnt think much of women
and i cant help being a woman i still want a man who will walk with me not 6 feet ahead of me at all times.
i just need my heart to get over him than i can look for some one who will love me again.
cutie2christy cutie2christy
36-40, F
May 7, 2012