Cheaters Never Prosper

I hate Cheaters! Not that my spouse has ever cheated on me. He hates them as much as I do. but when i was younger in school I had so many guys cheat on me it wasn't even funny. And both of my sibilings have gone through nasty divorces with people who were unfaithful to them. I believe that if your going to cheat on someone, you don't love them. Not even a little bit and you should just avoid the cheating all together and just leave, break up with them, etc... They will suffer a lot less by you leaving them, than by you betraying their trust. Even if someone is married. Its better to get a divorce from the start, than to run around behind that spouse's back and its a whole lot less messier in the long run. For everybody involved. 

Skyelillie Skyelillie
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4 Responses Nov 16, 2008

The one's that cheat. They just don't care. Instead of being honest with someone and saying that this isn't working out. They go and find someone else to fill some stupid *** void. Even though they still remain with the person. Only because they are getting something from the person their with. But don't know how to leave. Because they can have the best of both worlds. People just have lost their compassion and will do what they want. Cheaters need to be put on an island together and kept there. They are not worthy of being with someone or being in love. Because all they want to do is crush someone.

"I believe that if your going to cheat on someone, you don't love them"... completely agree. How can you say that you're committed, that you think so much about your significant other, even that you respect them and share yourself with a completely different person? The hard part is when it happens to truly honest people, and then they start thinking that it's all their fault, that they did something to deserve this betrayal. For all those people out there, it's not your fault! You were a respectful individual that thought that to be equal with your partner meant to have that self control over your own actions. You payed attention when we learned that there are consequences to our actions. They didn't. And because they don't understand that, it's faaaaar more likely that they wont change and will repeat that incident. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't value the level of respect and love that you can offer. And don't bring yourself down to their level. Cheating back at them wont make you a better person, and it's usually something you regret later on anyway. The best revenge is getting back out in the world, loving life, and finding someone who's worth your while.

I agree. Don't cheat!

I agree with everything you said. Well said!