Read 'em And Weep...

lol, so i'm really just being facetious in response to the "I don't believe in Atheists" group. But really, there are many in this world who profess to be Christians, but I don't really believe they are.

The bible says the world will know christians by their love. I know many of us can attest to the fact that there is not very much love being spread around by most of them. Whenever a christian leaves a comment full of vitriol and bile and then ends with "god bless you!" it reminds me of a friend's mom who would repeat the meanest gossip and comments about people but excused herself by following up what she said with, "bless his/her heart!" throwing in a trite phrase like that does not remove the hatred from your comments.

the bible also tells christians they are not to judge. it tells them whatever measure they use against others will be used on them. You would think they would be more careful then. I guess that's the achilles heel though. when you honestly believe you know all the answers, how can you not be judgemental of those you believe are "lost."

christians are instructed to do to others as they would have done to them and to love each other. in fact, loving each other is given as the second most important commandment. ironically, a religion claiming their god is love has produced many of the most hateful people i have ever met.
Teasaidh Teasaidh
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Just to be a S.A., amen.