It's Not Just The Destination That's Important, But The Journey...and Ah Yes, What A Journey It Is!

Too many things have happened in my life, to not believe in power of prayer, however you choose to define it...

I recall a time when I was invited to one of those Home & Garden shows, a Tim the toolman Taylor sort of event, where all the exhibits are related to home repair or gardening and everyone is running around in orange aprons. I go for the freebies, the contests, the demonstrations, ideas and an excuse to escape the husband. He already knows everything, so there really is no point in him going.

Okay, so I am rushing to get ready in time, to escape the wrath of my impatient and judgmental sister, who is gifting me with one of the two tickets, the way Judge Judy gifts a defendant with advice. And, just as I am about to put on my contact lenses, I hear the doorbell ring. OMG, it's HER!!! I open the contact lense case, and the lenses look dryer than the towels my mom hung out on the line in the summer. I suddenly realize that I am out of eye drops, out of luck, out of time, and out of some solution, in more ways than one!

I grab my case, determined she won't get on mine. I say a crazy little prayer to myself while in the car, squinting and clutching my last pair of lenses, hoping they don't dry out before I can re-wet them. "Hello Lord, it's me again,with yet another ridiculous request. As you know, I REALLY need to be able to SEE at this thing I am going to, and really need to call in a miracle. Can you like make some contact solution available to me somehow. You turned water into wine, so maybe you can do the same for some solution?" (I pause to be struck by lightening, still wondering what that unforgiveable sin is, and if I have crossed over into that area yet.) "Like, maybe someone will spill their purse and some contact solution will roll out and they won't notice. Or I could eye spy with my little eye (that is, if I could SEE) someone putting drops into their eye and I could say, hey, do you mind if I borrowed that for like 20 minutes?!!! Yeah that would go over well. But hey, why am giving you ideas? You're GOD! You came up with all these cool ideas, and I am really enjoying them by the way." I think for a moment and just get totally real about it. "Please God, can you just answer this crazy, simple (for you) little prayer for me. It would mean so much. If I don't have drops for my eyes it will just ruin my day. I just need to trust that you will help me, and I thank you." I know God always answers prayers, and sometimes the answer is no, but this time, I had to believe in a yes.

I then had this really wild idea. How about I just ask my sister to stop along the way and I can BUY some. Yeah, I get these flashes of brilliance every now and then. So, I try that and she says, "I CAN'T STOP NOW. WE'LL BE LATE!!!!! IT'S NOT AN OPTION!" I reply, "Well, I kind of have this desire to SEE, silly I know." I can't repeat what she said, but it was really LOUD, and I was thinking I had prayed for the wrong thing, provisions instead of protection! I acquiesce. Some battles are simply not worth fighting.

I arrive at the show, and find that people are not actually offended with close talking as much as you would think. They were probably staring at me, especially when I held things up close to my face or touched things a bit longer than the accepted norm, but I minded not, that which I couldn't observe. A cane might have helped with the illusion, I thought to myself. While deep in thought, suddenly, right under my nose, a basket appears...brimming over with contact solution!!!! I look up, pick my jaw up off the floor, and shout to the vendor "What are you DOING here????!!! (not recalling I am still close-talking) This is a HOME & GARDEN show. Seriously, what are you doing here????" They said, "Quite frankly, we really don't know. We got a call last night, saying someone dropped out, and would we like to have the booth. We figured, why not. We won't have any competition there." I hugged them (perhaps longer than I should), grabbed a few and headed to the ladies room, leaving a new woman, with a great story to tell.
imathinkin imathinkin
51-55, F
Aug 10, 2010