Coincidence Or Destiny?

If coincidence exists as a purely random chance encounter, then why does it happen so often?  Everything in my life has led to something larger, and greater, usually through people.  I meet, sometimes fall in love, and travel about with, fall out of love, and am soon introduced to another who through interaction improves my state of mind and of being.  This has been constant.  It is this constant that leads me to question coincidence. If every major event in my life leads into another better state of being, how then can it be anything other than destiny, or fate, or whatever you choose to call it?

That said, while I think there's definitely something to this Destiny or Fate thing, I don't think that we can not take the reigns, so to speak, and change it according to our own desires.  This is what I've decided to do.  Coincidence just doesn't agree with the beneficial evidence that has been my life.  Either coincidence and I'm unbelievably lucky, or it is a path I've set myself on.  The latter makes more sense, simply because of the wealth of benefit I've reaped as a result of my decisions.

DragonPhoenix DragonPhoenix
1 Response May 21, 2012

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