Divorce Is A Sin By Biblical Definition

The Bible says that if you know to do good, and don't do it that is a sin. We know if God hates something it is not good. In Malachi 2:16 God says that He hates divorce. So again to do something God hates is doing something not good which is sin. Jesus gives one and only one reason for a divorce and it really doesn't apply to modern marriages. He said except it be for fornication it would be adultery. Fornication is a premarrital sin, and adultery is a married sin. So if you divorce and remarry according to what Jesus says that you are guilty of adultery. He said in the beginning this was not so. Moses gave a way out of a marriage for newly weds. This is what Jesus is referencing. Moses said that if you take a wife and find her not to be a maiden, then you may divorce her. Moses then says if she is proven to be a maiden that she is your wife for life and you may not divorce her. Paul tells us that a woman is bound to her husband as long as he lives, but if he be dead she is loosed. Paul also says that you are not under bondage if a spouse leaves, he is not talking about being free from the marriage, because that would be contradictory. What he is saying if your spouse leaves you, you are not the one responsible for the actions and therefore not the one sinning. Jesus said we are to leave our parents and cleave to our spouses, this is the image of cutting you from your parents and attaching you to your spouse, that is why He says you are now one flesh. People say you can divorce if they were unfaithful, but that isn't true either. If you do what Christ says and forgive then that is a moot point. The only reason Moses says to give a writting of divorce, is because of the fact that people were divorcing their spouses as Jesus said, for the hardness of their hearts. Moses then told them give her a writting of divorce because the law said to stone (or kill) someone caught in the act of adultery. The writting was for when she went with another man as husband, she wouldn't be stoned. It wasn't permission to get a divorce. This is God's will for marriage that it is for life just like our relationship with Him. That we would be forgiving like He is, and that we would work together as one flesh just like God.
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I am going through a divorce. Had being raised a christian I am well aware of what is right and wrong. In my situation for four years i cried myself to sleep almost every night. I was trapped with someone who wouldn't talk to me, touch me, look at me unless he was screaming at me. I was utterly miserable, nothing I did helped, he refused counseling. So I left.

Ok, here's your Bible lesson from a former biblical scholar; Jewish, mind you, but since the cornerstone of this lesson lies in "our Bible", I'll comment:

First of all, I find it pretty funny that you would cite Malachi 2:16 as a verse condemning divorce, when it actually is a recommendation that if one is displeased with their wife, they SHOULD DIVORCE them so that they may marry someone else:

ז. כי שנא שלח אמר יהוה אלהי ישראל

Comes out to roughly: If you dislike/hate her, send her away, says the L-rd G-d of Israel.

I dunno, seems pretty plain to me. No where does it say that G-d hates divorce. Wherever you read that, it's a poor translation.

I can't comment on the Christian stuff...but your premise is faulty from a biblical perspective, let alone a human perspective.

Electroman, please consider the following:

God: "Well, I can see my beloved child XXXX is suffering terribly in his/her marriage. Tragically, the two of them made a mistake. (God sighs, and adds as an aside "Sometimes I wonder if giving people the right to choose their behaviour for themselves was a mistake . . . ?")

"Now I see that XXXX has tried every possible thing to improve the marriage. S/he has been working diligently on this for (two, five, ten) twenty years. His/her spouse is not a bad person, but someone whose ability to be a fully functioning partner in a relationship is severely impaired. So none of those efforts have worked - and nothing will EVER fix this marriage.

"However, in my Book, it says that I hate Divorce, so I must insist they both suffer for the rest of their lives. ("Hmmm. . . it also says in the Bible that I am a Loving God. . . ?")
No matter, I cannot allow the Loving God bit to over-ride the Hates Divorce bit."

God sighs deeply. " I should never have allowed those Sixth Century Europeans to fiddle with MY Book to make it say what THEY wanted it to say. That was a Mistake with a capital "M". Now Christians everywhere think these decrees come directly from Me, whereas they are the distorted representations of ancient Church men."

Being God must be the toughest gig going IMO . . . .

God hates a great many things. I have been married for 33 years to an emotional train wreck who is incapable of either giving or receiving either love or forgiveness. She is abusive and has no clue how she treats either me or other people. God hates seeing people being abused. How do you reconcile the two issues?
I filed for divorce and found a woman who can treat me decent and who can respect me and herself.

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