Marriage Is Pairing Up To Travel Along An Unknown Road With No Clear Destination.

I accept that alcoholism or substance abuse is grounds for divorce. Or a felony conviction, especially if the sentence is more than a year of time on the inside. Repeat domestic violence even in the absence of medical issues. Or a single episode of domestic violence that puts a partner in the hospital.

I have read of two personality disorders that strike me as exceedingly difficult to live with: narcissism and sociopathy.

If one partner enjoys sex more than the other, that can be a problem. I may be naive, but I believe that Nature has endowed us with a lot of capacity to enjoy sex and intimacy. I wish men would open up more.

Otherwise, marriage is a lifelong commitment to completing one's life journey together with another. This journey is not finished until one spouse dies. When I agree to complete that journey with you, that agreement is not conditional on your having an ideal personality. Marriage very much entails accepting another's imperfections.
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Jul 23, 2011