Til Death

Til death do us part that is a vow not to be taken lightly, I believe that when you get married it is through good and bad and that is why young people shouldn't get married from 18-25 that period is for you to discover yourself and be on your own alone to be independent stand on your own feet find out what you are willing to tolerate to grow and change be wild get it out your system before you settle down. People grow and change throughout life that is a given the question is when you get married did you ask yourself do I like this person enough at their core to tolerate everything else that might evolve? There is a saying you mad well go in the other room then until your *** calms down we are going to work this out. The bible warns about anger but people especially in marriage and today's society don't heed it's warnings and speak things out of anger that can't be undone. I have never been married and I'm still young I don't know it all but I do know that marriage is companionship you are not always going to like your companion get along with them etc but you have a history together and it's easier to work it out together than start with someone new. Divorce is an extreme thing that should only be undertaken after everything else is exhausted, I mean some people change after marriage and beat their wives and kids some men secretly gamble into $100,000's of thousands of dollars of debt this can't be a marriage it's a sham in my honest opinion.
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Jan 29, 2013