My Thoughts On Divorce

"Untill death do us part"

How could you say that and take it back? How could you make a commitment and break it, for such a silly reason? "We fell out of love." NO! When your married, your family, and you DO NOT leave your family. Siblings fight, parents fight.

When you marry, it is because you love each other unconditionally, and you are going to be together forever. Honour you commitments.

Divorce is wrong.

WinterPrincess21 WinterPrincess21
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 21, 2009

people change, feelings change, life changes, marriages change. we cannot expect people to stay together and miserable forever because they signed a marriage license.

They're trying to get a bill pushed through in California right now to make divorce illegal. I say just don't get married. Much easier that way. :P