My Thoughts On Divorce

"Untill death do us part"

How could you say that and take it back? How could you make a commitment and break it, for such a silly reason? "We fell out of love." NO! When your married, your family, and you DO NOT leave your family. Siblings fight, parents fight.

When you marry, it is because you love each other unconditionally, and you are going to be together forever. Honour you commitments.

Divorce is wrong.

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5 Responses Nov 21, 2009

I used to think that too. But what if "in sickness and health" becomes in mental illness? And what if that mental illness leads to abuse? And what if staying together subjects the children to that violence and aggression? And robs them of being able to see how people should treat one another, or of having at least one happy parent?

Life is too short to be miserable for the rest of it. And staying in a bad marriage can teach our children the wrong message.

I agree. Been there. Common sense dictates that divorce is an option in our society because there is a real need for it. People can choose what they want for themselves but dictating their beliefs onto others is not very Christian. The God of my understanding is loving and caring and compassionate. People need to embrace those fine character traits, not the hurtful judgmental statements they spew out to feel holier than though.

I used to believe the same thing yet all rules and biblical mandates assume that you married a sane rational adult who can deal with problems as an adult. That is not always the case. I takes two people to keep a marriage or a family together, when one of the parties goes south the other cannot make up for it.

There are reasons that divorce is the best for all parties included. I don't feel cheating is enough of a reason bc that is something that can be changed.<br />
but if you're getting beat on or your children are being abused THEN you have a reason to walk away...and even then i feel separation is better than divorce. My family has many divorce folk, but both sets of my grandparents stuck it thru.<br />
<br />
My grandmother stood by her husband 50-some-odd years(still together), they have been happily married since they were 15 and 16....My grandfather often hit her and beat on my aunts, uncle and father.....i dont agree with it....i personally would have left with my kids. but i admire that they have still found some peace and are still happily married....<br />
<br />
and my moms parents were the same way. theyre still together, my grandfather on that side was also a drunk and he was abusive as well....but again they found their peace and are happily married.

I have always been told that verbal abuse is the same as physical abuse. I put up with my abuse for far too long. I am in the process of divorcing now. Is it hard? Yes. Is it awful? Yes. It is also the only sane option I have.

What if your spouse cheats, beats you or is so gone on drugs they are no longer present? I don't think God intended us to stay in abusive relationships when he designed marriage, otherwise, I agree, your better off not making the committment if your incapable of keeping it.

That works in a relationship where both parties are as committed and dedicated as each other. In an ideal world divorce wouldn't happen. I've known friends who have been desperate to make their marriage work, yet their partner has done terrible things either through violence or infidelity. I'm not saying that problems can't be worked out but again both parties need to be dedicated. Where the other party continues with their unacceptable behaviour there comes a point when enough is enough.