It Is What It Is

I am against gender stereotypes, biases, and general dissection, including the concept of transgenderism. I believe that your sex has nothing to do with your personality or appearance, but your biological parts and chromosomes. Who you are is defined by your personality, and your personality does not define what you physically are.
Society has come up with an idea of what they think an ideal male or female should be like and have become very closed minded...
they have degraded both males and females by imposing their standards. Human beings are all different. A male or female may not show traits that perhaps most do, but it does not make them any less justified as a male or female. Because they have not been validated as being the sex that they are by society, people have been at times ashamed of themselves or convinced that they are not indeed what they are, which is unhealthy and emotionally damaging (a sort of self rejection that is entirely unneccessary because they are simply looking at it the wrong way.)
The list of common biases imposed goes on and on and people just need to realize that, people are qualified as that sex simply because they were born it... what things they like or how they act/look has nothing to do with it. 
Jaideiris Jaideiris
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Your right.. My real name is Luke but I don't think gender stereotypes should exist