Perhaps There Are 3 Possibilities?


I think that there are 3 possibilities:

1) You die and that is it.  Your body decays. You no longer exist.

2) You die and that spark of life goes back into the universal force.

3) You die and your soul or personality survives in another universe.


Concerning #1, energy is always transformed.  The life force/spirit that keeps you alive as a human is not destroyed.  Your life force/energy spirit goes back into the cycle of life (which includes death).  It is all impersonal.  We are manifestations of a life force/spirit just like the trees are; the animals are.  So #1 doesn't seem to click for me.  I die like my dog and plants die....  my personality or soul doesn't survive.... but my spirit/energy/force do and return to the "big melting pot,"  eternal cycle of life.....

Concerning #2, you can see, I've already bought that.

Concerning #3, I'd like to believe that.  My soul or personality survives.   I think religions try to capture that idea....  but a lot of imperfect descriptions abound....  people keep thinking that "their" religion has it right.... that most others are wrong.  Some go to the extreme and persecute other "non-believers."   But, hey....  how am I different from my dog or other sentient beings.....   If you've ever had a dog, you had to get out in nature and walk with your dog and see the seasons change together.  You have a bond with your dog.  When your dog dies, you wonder why most religions don't talk about favorite or heroic animals surviving.

So, by living life.... I'm 56 now.... having lost loves ones both human and animal--I've come to accept more and more that we are here due to evolution.  God is the universal force, spirit, creator... He/She/It/They are impersonal.  There is no intelligent design... just the force of the universe, cosmos.....  whatever you might like to call it.

In order for just societies to arise....there has to be some observation, and introspection about the human condition... this leads to religions and the rise of humanist, secular thought.

My dog taught me that when I walk and stop to take time to look at the world about me, I am a part of it all....  and I return in essense to it.

So, if I believe in God....  it is an impersonal, powerful force.  I am part of that energy and will return to that energy once I experience physical death. 

Thanks for being this community.

Slimstar Slimstar
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

when u die your body stays on earth but your spirit and soulo goes up to be judged and god will decide what happens then. thats what i know to b true