One Reason I Don't Believe Anymore

One reason I don't believe in God is because of the death of someone I knew. He was the husband of a woman I know. He died at 49 of lung cancer (yes, he was a smoker) that spread to many areas of his body before it was found. He left behind his wife whom he dated since high school. Of all the married women I know, I think she was the one who really needed her husband the most. Others he left behind include his mother who was crazy about him, his 3 grown children, 1 grandson he adored, and soon there will be a granddaughter who will never meet him. Yet his wife and others in her life still find some sort of comfort by saying this is all in God's plan for them. So apparently they should just accept that his death is somehow part of God's way of taking care of them. I find this ridiculous. Nothing positive has come of his passing. His one son, who possibly has psychological problems, has not sought help. He has stolen from his family and lies to them. He also continues to smoke. The deceased man's brothers also continue to smoke. His wife is now clinically depressed and gets very little sleep. She cannot find affordable health insurance and has taken a second job. I cannot understand why a "loving and benevolent God" would do this to them. It makes much more sense to me to think that the world is simply chain reactions of cause and effect and many times bad things happen to good people and vice versa.
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i can't believe people still follow that bible garbage. can't anyone see it was just made up garbage to keep people in line and easier to control at large? i can't wait for the day religion finally dies off and humanity can finally move forward as one in peace. religion is the number one reason for deaths and war around the world. AND THERE ALL THE SAME ******* STORY TOLD BY THE SAME ******* GUY WITH A DIFFERENT NAME!!! like wtf people?!?!?!?!

Faith alone does not warrant the injustices of God. I mean what about Gods people slaughtered in their millions during the Holocaust. Where was God then?

Guess a lot of people see God, the creator, the great spirit, the white light, as someone that will always answer prayers with yes. That is not the case. If one violates the laws set by the creator, one pays.

I don't believe in God anymore. We've all felt that. But too many call Gd a "him" as if it is...a person. controlling things. I don't think so. If you think about it, if there is a higher being, it's not ruling the world. This world is the Devil's world. Or prefer to say, it is an evil world, because it is! How can you not believe in Good and Evil? Guard yourself, because it's not all about God as a person who controls lives and inflicts death and pain and injustice. Life is NOT FAIR. Didn't ever think it was. I never thought, as an adult, that God is director and producer of world events, or personal events. It's the man in a beard in Heaven, school of though, that God is just listening to us. IF there is God, or a higher power, she or he cannot be concerned in the nuances of our little lives! Anyway, we have free will, as does every person. I have been on both sides, and to me, it makes more sense to believe in a higher power. Look around and see the world, still beautiful. By the way, my life is not great at all, I have no family or real friends, although I once did.. If I don't believe, that could change..then whatever good can befall me? It won't come from God, per se, anyway. It is just chance or luck or whatever...but don't ever give up! Nini

God was created by primitive humans to explain things that were otherwise unexplainable (the "God of the Gaps" theory). But as humans evolved and our knowledge &undertanding of our world expanded, as more of those gaps in knowledge were filled, the need for god as an explanation has greatly diminished. Hopefully one day soon all of humanity will have no need for god at all.

P.S you might like this verse from Jeremiah 29.11<br />
for i know the plans i have for you says the lord.<br />
they are plans to prosper you and not to harm you.<br />
plans to give you a future and a hope.

Yes of course, a mother who finally gives birth and dies during labour or shortly later of whatever disease... great prosperous plan for this woman. Try to explain that to the kids as well. The little kid in Africa who suffers every single day till he dies, what is the prosperous aspect?
Now that said you can have all the interpretation you want in this Verse so why not, but I personaly do not buy it.

It is wrong to blame god for things that go wrong. being a christian means you will have struggles in life but god will help you through it. it has worked many times for me and i'm sure it will work for you to.<br />
god bless you and i pray you will go back to god.<br />
he still loves you no matter what you've done or what you've thought.<br />
turn back to god. he is waiting to embrace you with open arms.<br />
you are his child and he has chosen you over everyone else in the world to do something special for him.

"He still loves you no matter what you've done or what you've thought". Many Christians would disagree with you on that.
Otherwise, all is ok, let's rob, commit adultery etc... all is ok, he still loves me?!
I am agnostic but leave through my actions far more religiously than so many Christians I know. I start to understand why...

God is always there and knows the reason of why He does things. He is patient with you, He doesnt want anyone to perish but to come to a realization. How come we always balme things on God? why dont most people see the good He has done in this world?<br />
God has had His Son die for our sins, a sacrifice that would have caused great pain to any...<br />
"Blows and wounds cleanse evil away, and beatings purge the inmost being" Proverbs 20:30<br />
<br />
In honesty I dont understand everything (I am afterall a child), but I know there is a God, who loves us all...

Another thing, out of many, that made me more sceptical was reading the Bible and learning about church history - for example I found out what a central role the literal resurrection of the body had for early Christians, a concept I find most unlikely to be true.

Aloria, I feel just like you, that experience through life has lead me to believe less and less in any higher power. Surely if there was a God the reverse would be true - more knowledge and experience of life, more it would be obvious he existed. A painful life event was the biggest catalyst for me too, though I had been questioning for a long time (I thought I just had to find the right kind of religion, but then I finally realised there probably isn't one). I also get irritated with the people who say when bad things happen it is all part of a plan. I guess it comforts people, but that doesn't make it true. It is true, on the other hand, that we learn from life experiences, good and bad, but that doesn't mean they are deliberately set up by God to teach us specific things.

well he know that the smoking is bad and yet he still smoke. that's the consequences of smoking. if he continue to live and smoke, then every members of his family may die of cancer. There is no such thing as darkness, it's the absence of light. there is no such thing as evil, it's just merely absence of love.

and if that did happen, dexikiix, somebody would say that was god's will too...

You have to think about what else might have happened instead of only what you can see. If he had lived, one day he might have been driving all of those people he left behind to take them out to dinner and been struck by a drunk driver and everyone could have been killed...

They could have had a wonderfull life as well.....

It was very interesting to read all of your comments to my post. I feel I should clarify that I specifically opened with "one reason i don't believe...." because it is exactly that: one reason of many. I feel deep down I've gradually lost any belief in a higher power in reverse proportion to the knowledge I've gained through living life. More learning, less believing in my "imaginary friend," as many people like to describe it. I shared the story about this tragedy because I felt especially frustrated by those who always cite "God's plan" as the reason for certain events. <br />
<br />
Looking forward to more comments....

This is probably not the best place for us to hold this discussion, so in the hopes that Aloria returns to discuss her present feelings, I have created a new group 'I don't understand faith', come have a look, old friends…This word is circling my mind today.

Again this idea that people who do not believe/have faith are not able to understand. Amazingly patronising. For a start, having faith and understanding are not compatible in my opinion.

But Why? <br />
And often times we have no personal evidence for facts we know, just the assurance that we might be able to back it up if we had time and resources. This is still a kind of faith. I couldn’t prove evolution to you right now, but given time and resources, I could.<br />
But with my new ‘faith’, religions would claim the same title…because one day they are sure they will have their evidence, also, the bible is the evidence (For them a manual elaborating on how God loves them and also a manual enabling them to live by his rules, proof.)…as are their feelings. <br />
In which case I am declaring Faith a nothing word. Faith and Caith are the same thing. Their faith is no more then belief while waiting (an entire life) for evidence.

It seemed like she was leaning that way anyway Celainn, I don't think I told her not to believe in so many words. I hope I wasn't cruel, as El says, Life is Life, we value what we have when we have it and appropriately mourn and note the successes of those who inevitably pass on. <br />
I know Faith exists El, but I don’t understand it. Can we make a new word for faith which means "Belief with available evidence", or “Belief while being aware that evidence is available should you need it”. In this case you would have faith that I have a mother because it is very likely I have a mother. Although you have no proof yourself, it’s very likely the evidence is available. Obviously this kind of ‘faith’ would not apply to anything that crosses into the invisible dimensions. That means we can have faith in physics and evolution and science and all else (the evidence is there, as we are well aware, but we may not have the time to study it) <br />
Lets call it Saith or Baith or Caith. Caith would be my favourite, we can then sounds as though we are saying ‘Case’ but with a lisp. Like ‘I have good Caith’ or maybe just make up a word like Intriz, Orbun, retixon, lindolbin. <br />
I hope that Aloria returns.

Why is it that people are so quick to blame God when bad things happen and so slow to thank him when good things happen? Death IS life kids, it's like salt and pepper, bread and butter, Cheech & Chong. And Bro' - faith exists, by definition, in the absence of evidence, otherwise it wouldn't be faith.

I'm sorry it has taken a personal tragedy for you to begin to question these beliefs, you are right about God not doing anything constructive (At all) , I have learnt that some people find solace in Religious faith, it helps to numb real life and provide ‘peace’ even in the face of true chaos and causality. I don’t want to bash the point in, but many people agree with you. Not only does it not make sense for a benevolent loving deity to let good people die, but it doesn’t make any sense that he demands faith without a smidgen of proof. It depends wether you want to kid yourself to be happy, or face the reality with the threat of dissatisfaction. <br />
There is no hint of any interference from an invisible dimension, let alone any way or reason for a deity to ‘plan’ for a good mans death. It does make more sense to apply laws of chaos and causality to the universe, but it does not take anything from the miracle of life. I am an atheist who has found my own peace without imaginary deity, as have many others. Have a look at “I am an atheist” or “I don’t believe in God” if you would like to meet people who came to the same conclusion through similar means (personal tragedy). <br />
One last thing, the fact you have put ‘anymore’ at the end of your story title means you are likely to get plenty of faithful coming to see if they can’t illuminate your darkness, they will come and say ‘Remember he loves you, even if you don’t love him’ or ‘This tragedy will help us grow’ or ‘Like god said to Abraham….’<br />
You’ll find realist support in the atheist groups.