A God Would Not Have Preists Molesting Children In His Place Of Church.... No Way He Would Do That

I think that all life on our planet is very delicate... The conditions had to be perfect... I look at it like there is Positive emergys.. nad negative ... and we know by some law... netwons or somthing like that... Enegry can not be created or destroyed ... It can only change form. So when we pass I beleive that our energy in our body moves on to be part of everything... I think it is possiable for our energy to stick aroung in a group for a while if the right conditions are met... Thats where the ghost storys come from.... Then I dont think in the bible anywhere does it talk about the writings in the pyamrids....We did find drewings of higher beings and some kind of ships... Coming down to earth.... That probably would have been aroung the time bible got wrote....
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For one thing, priests have free will just like everybody else. God does not control them.

"I agree. Believing in imaginary people is just silly. Just as silly, in fact, as believing the universe came from nothing, by nothing for nothing. You don't really believe everything just "poofed" into existence 13.70 billion years ago now, do you?" - Maxxmiliann

Sorry, but I felt the need to answer this. Maxx, I don't know anyone who believes everything just poofed into existence at the beginning of the universe. Perhaps it is just you believing that people automatically believe this. Non-theism just says you don't believe 'god did it' or that a god(s) even exists. I'm not quite sure how that always gets translated into a myriad of assumptions on what a non believer DOES believe. All you know is what they don't believe, and that is really the only actual guaranteed thing they will never fail to agree on. The mechanics are quite different from religion...

But you\'re certain God wasn\'t responsible, correct?

I guess you cannot read? I have no doubts about my unbelief. If I did then I wouldn\'t be able to call it a non belief. This is circular. With an actual belief you can have certainty and/or doubts. The certainty is your belief in existence and doubts could be certain factors within the ideological framework, or maybe even a few doubts of the belief of existence or nature of existence itself. My guess is that you do not believe in the existence god, correct? If not, (which I already know you do) then what are you doing obsessing over an experience that you don\'t share? I do not have time for your tautologies or false dilemmas. I see no need to even bother myself with other people\'s theistic beliefs unless religious fundamentalism is present or that is the personal approach of concern.

Since you have no doubts, what evidence led you to rationally conclude that God does not or cannot exist?

Thou doth protest too much. I am not going to sit here and type years of research, especially to someone who thinks that the unbeliever - is a moron (even if surreptitiously) who either believes or should believe what other people tell them, just NEEDS to realize the theist\'s \'truth\', or is maligned for not believing in the theist\'s truth after the theist told them they personally wouldn\'t hang their beliefs on other people\'s beliefs. It\'s as if the theist just cannot let it rest. As if maybe their own unrecognized or deliberately ignored uncertainty is the driving force of this compulsion to get one person to believe (although impossible) so they can somehow subconsciously get some relief from a tugging cognitive dissonance that keeps them restless.

Strawman. Try, instead, to answer the question as posed. A good place to start is with this \"research\" which evinces the nonexistence of God :)

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I agree. Believing in imaginary people is just silly. Just as silly, in fact, as believing the universe came from nothing, by nothing for nothing. You don't really believe everything just "poofed" into existence 13.70 billion years ago now, do you?

wow thank everyone for all the replys and stories... its been a while sience i have read any of these

free will. just like you have the freedom to be blasphemous yet God allows that. because He promises you that he will not take away your free will.

you wanna believe in aliens thats fine by me, but where do you get your information from and how do you formulate a whole argument around points such as the bible not mentioning the writing in the pyramids? i mean come on! that's like saying the bible isn't true because it doesn't mention how the great wall of china was built.

blaming God for priests molesting children, is like blaming guns for columbine, planes for 9 11 and spoons for rosy o donell being fat

the devil and mankinds corrupt ways are why things like that happen. i get tired of hearing well if there is a god why do all these bad things happen? well because how yall treat god. this why society is jacked up. people have lost faith in the one and only god almighty. yall would rather live a sinful life then a righteous life, why? because yall enjoy feeding the flesh. god is a god of fairness and love. you think he likes to see an innocent child hurt? no, but what can he do if the devil already dwells inside the soul of that person? nothing. the devil has already taken that person away from gods righteous path. dont blame god, blame the devil and weak evil men of mankind.

You are right and their god is the devil. But as sure as the devil exists, there is a God who loves and lives. It is clear to me that I see Him in you ironworkerusa. Jesus said those who aren't against Him was for Him. Jesus lived to free us from those type of men pretending to know God or be God just so they can get away with murder or get rich taking from God's Children. That is how you are able to see who is who. Jesus came to give life (abundantly) to everyone, especially those whom have been stomped on by those playing God. Keep your heart strong and stand on what you know to be true. If you were to eliminate God, do you think this would eliminate the devil or evil men? It is God who is our help and hope against evil men and the devil. I can see He is alive in you. You are blessed and will be blessed if you hold tight to the truth He has placed in you. I hope you won't be offended when I say God bless you. I hope you accept it as being from someone who thinks you are awesome. It means I wish nothing but the best to happen to you and your family. I too have been abused by those who are wolves in sheep's clothing. But just because they are horrible people, doesn't change the wonderful people I know. The devil may exist but He has to answer to God. In other words, the sick men must answer to wonderful men like you.

God bless you ironworkerusa!

Majorum - thanks for joining this open discussion. I usually find it enlightening to hear the "other side" of things, and really do want to understand where other people are coming from.

If I understand you correctly, you are saying "God allows suffering to bring a person closer or back to him."

God allows Priests to sodomize children - He allows clergy to rape innocent prepubescent boys - to bring those i n n o c e n t children "...closer or back to him." ? ? ? Is that really what you are saying?

Has anybody done any follow up with the victims to see how that plan worked out? Would you say that the victims are now closer to God as a result of having their first sexual experiences with an adult Priest? Is that the "silver lining" in child abuse cases, that sexually molested children are eventually brought closer to God as the result of God "allowing" a perverted adult to rape them?

There is no benefit that comes from child abuse. No justification for it, and it is not "allowed" for the purpose of bringing little children back to Jesus.

A good God that instructs with fear, and allows suffering to bring a person closer or back to him..exactly ..only one of the reasons I do not believe in him...

I would not have him as a friend, and i do not allow his dictates to others sway my mind..


God allows suffering to bring a person closer or back to him. read JOB GOD allowed satin to do all that to JOB but JOB stayed true to GOD.

thats why i hate christian dogma ! God didn't allow satan to destroy job's life to bring job closer to Him. He allowed satan to destroy jobs life to show satan that a good man like job will in the end always turn back to God regardless of the obstacles satan lays in front of someone. Majorum, watch your words carefully when speaking as a christian and get things right! lest more people like quattro sees the true God as some tyrannical beast who likes to kill the inocent! although quattro seemingly came with his own misinformation an ill conceived ideas. i guess people like quattro would also suggest to release all murderers and rapists and evil doers from prison as punishing people for their wrong doings is the act of a "mass murdering evil genocidal maniac" quattro if you ever did wish to truly find out why God allows the things he does to happen, then maybe your feeble human mind can can one day grasp the purpose behind an entity that you try and box into your feeble understanding of space time and matter

please go to my story "undeniable proof that God exists, who is this God?"
believing that contrary to everything in the observable universe you believe that the entire universe expanded from and infinitely dense amount of nothing? with out any cause? so much for fundamentals like cause and effect, and conservation of energy.

as for your response... "So everyone on earth is evil?(where exactly did i say this? are you struggling with high school english? reading level not quite where it should be?) Hence the flood?(i did not mention the flood. but the Bible is clear why God sent it yes, what is your point?) Prisoners have to be proven guilty, ( so they get punished) "sinners" just have to **** off an invisible superhero in the sky (i guess you missed the whole judgement day concept too? its fine for man to sit in judgement of the prisoner but if God sits in judgement of a sinner then He's a tyrannical sadist.)" and then you go on "It's humans who kill the "sinners" because the "sinners" refuse to blindly follow an absent father." huh? is that part of your argument or were you just running out of the ability to construct a thought?

i implore you if you wish to debate something with me at least please use logical reasoning. talking for the sake of talking, is iterating. i cannot possibly apose your reasoning when it is so feebly constructed! why would i use a hammer to break through a paper wall?

now you leave me to reason with non reason. if you want to disagree on what someone says, i suggest you present a thought out theory that apposes that which you are trying to shoot down. giving a unfounded non thought provoking personal opinion. is truly a waist of your and my time

Irob makes an excellent point and even uses the theists scripture to back up his opinion. Yet they completely ignore it. Interesting.

Interesting theory, Beng9810. "God cannot PHYSICALLY stop you from molesting children" -

The Easter Bunny cannot PHYSICALLY stop you from molesting children, either - because, like god, he ISN"T REAL. Open your eyes - there is no god.

According to the Bible - "god" turned Lot's wife into a "pillar of salt", just for looking over her shoulder at the destruction of Sodom & Gamorrah. But he won't stand in the way of a Priest who wants to perform sex acts with a 12 year boy. Maybe he took Lot's wife's peek at Gomorrah as a personal insult, being a jealous god, that calls for making an example of her with a miraculous smiting. But in god's eyes, what happens in the closet between a priest and the altar boy just doesn't merit getting involved.

When little kids called the prophet Elisha "bald man", two she-bears were imediately summoned to maul the whole group of them, in what must have been a horrific blood bath (if the story were true) - but again, the children are expendable and the priority is to protect the old pervy men of the cloth.

He struck a young man dead - right on the spot - for reaching out his hand to stable the arc of the covenant. So if you touch his stuff (especially his golden treasured artifacts) - he will jump right in and kill you dead, right on the spot.

Onan pulled out just before ****** and ********** his ***** on the ground. BAM ! ! ! God strikes him dead before he can get his pants back on. But Priests and Holy Men all around the world are continuously *********** THEIR ***** into the mouths of innocent young boys, but *now* he is powerless to stop them. Or even issue a statement.

I know it is a terrible and disturbing image, but the hard truth is that the actual crimes of repeated sodomy, torture, and rape committed by the trusted leaders of the Holy Catholic Church against mere children - those heinous and evil acts were in actuality more vulgar and atrocious than many people could imagine, and perpetrated on a much larger scale, with a more organized and deliberate cover up, causing more pain and agony to so many innocents over decades (that we know about so far...) than ANY of the petty acts that got "god" up off of his lazy *** to start hurling fire and brimstone, lighting, famines, tempests, even global floods and other miraculous smitings that would require so much "involvement" as to bend the laws of physics and the natural limitations of nature.

The Bible makes it clear that god can do something when he wants to. He just doesn't give a damn.

(or maybe he does care but is impotent to intervene - you can decide, since he is your myth)

And btw, my *real* father, or any other human being with even the least amount of empathy in them, would move heaven and earth to save anyone's child from that kind of abuse. Only a narcissistic apathetic bastard, like the god described in the "Holy Scriptures", would sit back and do nothing.

Well, god and Catholic church, too.

God already appeared to us in the form of Jesus Chirst 2000 years ago. He showed the Human Race what it is like to be righteous and to worship God. If we didn't get the message then, we wouldn't get the message now.

God already appeared to us in the form of Jesus Chirst 2000 years ago. He showed the Human Race what it is like to be righteous and to worship God. If we didn't get the message then, we wouldn't get the message now.

God also told Adam and Eve not to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge. However, they allowed sin into their heart for a moment and they did. Your father ( biological ) father wouldn't let you molest little children either and would condemn the action. He tells you not to do it because it is wrong. He would stop you if he was physically able to. God cannot PHYSICALLY stop you from molesting children, in the same way your father couldn't if he wasn't around.

God hopes that you choose right over wrong. But you have the free will to do whatever you want.

( If your father 'biological' father, found out you molested a child, what would he do? )

You lost me at "positive energies"... but I agree with what you said about god not allowing priest to molest children.

If one of my employees were abusing children, especially as an official representative of my company, you can bet he would be terminated, prosecuted, and hauled off to jail immediately!!!

If I were aware of a local individual abusing children "in my name" - damn right I would put an end to that right away!!!

So... why would an omniscient loving god let anybody do this *IN HIS NAME* !?!?

And then to just watch as upper level management swings into action focusing on damage control, protecting the pedophiles, orchestrating an international coverup, and impeding the justice system at every turn.

The least he could do is to appear as a burning bush at the vatican, and give the Pope another stone tablet with the 11'th commandment written into it "Thou shalt not have sex with children." (I'm guessing that with out the burning bush and the literal "writing in stone" that the church probably wouldn't pay much attention, based on how they have responded in the past.)

Conditions were not perfect, the earth was a molton ball of metal and rock for tens of millions of years.

Life was all but wiped out dozens of times due to negative enviromental conditions, the life that survived adapted and evolved to survive in he new atmosphere. Nothing godlike, ET assisted or prayer driven, just plain old simple evolution.

For christs sake man grow up, there are no magic beans, no talking snakes and no flying jewish zombie carpenters.

But thier is life, amazing and diverse, ancient and astounding. Read Segan, Hawkins, Dawkins, Darwin and the rest and put down the Fairy tales