God And A Little Girl And Her Puppy Sweetheart

I was standing at a grocery store counter and when I looked down there was a small girl hugging a baby puppy. I bent over telling the puppy how nice and cute it was, as she stood by wide eyed and listening,happy that she found some one who liked her puppy.
I looked at her and said "Your puppy is sure a nice puppy and the best puppy ever."
And she held it up to me and said in the innocent voice, "If you want to you can hold her."
I took the soft warm puppy but after a few moments it started to squirm and I gave the puppy back, "She wants you. What's the puppys name?."
"Sweetheart," the sweet little girl said.
"Did you know that Sweetheart is your furry sister and a family member, " I said,
She looked up at me and said "Sweetheart is?,"as she hugged Sweetheart.
"Yes Sweetheart is. Well by by," i told her and petted Sweetheart.
And as I walked away and hear the girl say, "Thank you."
A week or so later I over heard a woman talking about how her two dogs were just so adorable. And since she was talking so nice about her dogs and how much she loved them, that I told her the story about me telling the little girl her puppy was her furry sister. The woman said Its true because her dogs are her family. "Its nice that you told the little girl that, it showed her you cared. Not many people would take the time to do that. And, who knows, years from now, when she is a young woman, she will tell someone about the happy memory and the nice man who told her Sweetheart was her furry sister."
It hadn't occurred to me that I had made a good memory.
I was just sharing my knowledge with a little girl and just may have created a gentle memory; did something memorable for the little girl to remember. Now isn't that nice.
I think that is what life and purpose and God are about: small memories tucked into the our minds.
If you have a similar story tell me or tell it to someone. Communicate with the community because all we have in life are each other.
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Damn you to hell Archie! I just baptised my computer in coffee thanks to you and the dog **** comment.<br />
I will never read you while eating or drinking again.

Ok I am leaving and I was the only spark on the site. But I shall return. Adios.


TS, dont you ever wonder why if knowledge of the great eye in the sky is so vital we are not born craving the info.

cute story, wrong group

You know what else has to be taught? A beleif in gods

But we have had a lively and interesting conversation dispite our differences. Which i do not mind because I am tolorant. And have a song in my heart. <br />
<br />
You've Got to be Carefully Taught, from Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rogers South Pacific:<br />
<br />
<br />
You've got to be taught<br />
To hate and fear<br />
You've got to be taught<br />
From year to Year<br />
It's got to be drummed <br />
in your dear little ear<br />
You've got to be carefully taught<br />
<br />
You've got to be taught<br />
To be Afraid<br />
Of people whose eyes <br />
are oddly made<br />
And people whose skin<br />
Is a different shade<br />
You've got to be carefully taught<br />
<br />
You've got to be taught<br />
Before it's too late<br />
Before you are 6 or 7 or 8 <br />
To hate all the people <br />
your relatives hate<br />
You've got to be carefully taught.

Still, in truth you really dont have to wait, thats the wonderful thing about science. You see, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the brain that gives us the quality of life we so enjoy, feelings, intelect, understanding, creativity, hope fear, love, passion and on and on. One oxygen has been deprived from the brain for any relavent amount of time it dies and with it, that which is you dies as well. It can be proven and has been.<br />
Now you might wish to think that an invisable, undetectable, unprovable item known as the soul is in fact the repository of all the aforementioned, but again I suggest you view the evidence.<br />
In that we know the brain dies and in that we know there is no soul (no evidence) I think saying death is the end product is a rather sure bet.

Godfree110158<br />
"ebola virus" I know you can do better than this.

Stillgrieving<br />
<br />
"PLEASE don't shoot me lol" i have no interest in conversion or " shooting you." I have posted informational posts trying to be friendly and to show the atheists the other-side. if they don't know what the Christians are thinking about how can you convert them to your cause. <br />
We have to remember that this is a public forum and it is an unspoken invitation for guys like me. <br />
Lighten up. Enjoy life.<br />
<br />
Stillgrieving<br />
"Have to say this though NONE of us will know who is right until the time comes, I just hope there is more (not saying god) because the only thing keeping me going at the moment is the belief that I will see my husband and soulmate again. Promise I will come back and tell you all who is right."<br />
You are in the process of converting yourself. And I know who is right but that's just my opinion.

Sorry poem, I'm afraid I will have to side with these guys on this point and eveyone else I am sorry for sticking my bib in. You are absolutley right you have every right to be in this group without haveing someone coming and pretending not to believe and trying to convert you, I did'nt realise until reading some of these posts as to what his intentions were.<br />
<br />
Poem you need to respect the right of those who don't believe to be left in peace, you do not belong in this group and are being very disrespectful in the way you are going about this.<br />
<br />
Have to say this though NONE of us will know who is right until the time comes, I just hope there is more (not saying god) because the only thing keeping me going at the moment is the belief that I will see my husband and soulmate again. Promise I will come back and tell you all who is right.<br />
<br />
PLEASE don't shoot me lol

Poem, you must understand, the f ollowers of the prince of peace, the god of love, the alpha and omega have, for the past 2000 years burned the likes of us at the stake, buried us alive, stretched us on the rack and pealed the flesh from our bodies as we screamed for the mercy of death. So when you come with olivebranch in hand its rather difficult to distinguish it from a peace symbol or an implement of impalement.

Just because some people believe and some do not is that a reason to divide us. Peace.<br />
"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality".
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I want to hear the story of the little girl and her pet ebola virus.

I found a dead dove on the sidewalk in front of my house. I picked it up to carry it to the dumpster and I took a closer look and discovered that it had retained, even in death, the natural elegance of nature. under the body side of his wings were small fine white fluffy feathers. She was soft grey, a mourning dove. I had enjoyed its peaceful calls this summer. <br />
The hard sidewalk didn't seem to be the place for this creation of God and Nature to be uncared for so I carried it to a bush and place it deep inside its branches where it could go back to nature gently.

oooookkkk excuse me for breathing

Lovely story and memory, am I missing something here why are you guys attacking this post. it is totally inoffensive. Just read it again I guess I am to thick to see why anyone would be upset by this..

A man stopped at a wooden store in an tiny southern town where a small boy sat on the steps next too a  big mean looking dog that growled as the man approached. <br />
   The man stopped before mounting the stairs and asked the small boy "Your dog don't bite does he?" and the boy answered "No he doesn't."  So the man thinking he was safe cautiously passed the dog and thats when the dog bit him.  The startled man cried out in pain," I thought you said your dog didn't bite."<br />
  The boy answered, "He don't. This here dog ain't my dog."