Clarification And Being

Jean-Yves Leloup, mystic, theologian and scholar, book The Gospels of Mary Magdalene is a thought provoking. It is a book with wisdom for believers, skeptics, agnostics and atheists. Jean-Yves Leloup has written a stunning commentary on the ancient Gnostic text.
One of the proverbs from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.: The teacher(God) answered: "All that is born, all that is created, all the elements of nature are inter-woven and united with each other. All that is composed will decompose; everything returns to the roots; matter returns to the order of matter: "
These words, written 2,000 years ago, are not religious dogma, linguistic meanderings or rhetoric, but ancient knowledge which coincides with what science knows to be true today. Here science and spiritually meet and separate at the same time: because science does not yet fully agree, with the spiritual dimension of the proverbs.
The Gospels of Mary Magdalene say: 'That the teachers (God) words are the beginning of the return to being fully human and discovering the real world and the wisdom of God which are also the words of ancient wisdom."

Leloup writes: “Everything returns to its roots; matter returns to the original matter. All evolution involves a return. To return is not to go back--rather to go forward..... It is a return to the place that is our origin and our destiny....We return to the Source and the beginning."

The Gospels of Mary Magdalene are about a Kingdom we can know as living beings in this world. The knowledge is meant to re-interrogate humans with themselves so they can become fully human and above the illusions, attachments and the suffering brought to life through the seven deadly sins of: pride, lust, envy anger, covetousness, gluttony, and sloth. Which are present, and the motives, in the greater sins of genocide, wars, murder, fraud, violence, *********, rape and the sins of skepticism. pessimism and cynicism which are the final disillusionment. For God says: There are no sins. It is man that makes sin exist.

Leloup writes: “Through the poor use of our senses, intelligence, and emotions, these faculties have become disoriented-they have lost there orient, that is to say, their attainment with the Being that is at the heart of all impermanence, transitory phenomena of the world. It is only this disorientation that enables us to pervert ourselves, society, and the universal order itself.” As we have noticed in the turmoil of our senses and in the world.
Leloup says: “Furthermore the Kingdom that is spoken of in The Gospels of Mary Magdalene must not be confused with the return to some sort of lost paradise or a state of consciousness. Rather it is the awakening to this very dimension of Being that is the source of our existence now, and of the mystery of there being something instead of nothing."
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Knowledge is attained quite often by observation, then when put into print or passed on in some medium to others it so often seems to acquire the proverbial Teacher.<br />
In this case quiet observation led one author to understand that when you croak you become the food of other things yet to croak, sadly not content to merely put in his thumb and pull out a plum and say what a good boy am I this dim bulb must credit his observation to invisible mountain gods and their bastard offspring.<br />
Man needs to learn to accept the credit for the good and bad the ingenious and the stilted. Humanity needs to let its light shine bright and dissolve the specters who receive credit where no credit is due

You guys should, do it! Make them squirm.

Imagine the backlash we would receive if all of us atheists began posting stories in the theist groups with the intention of converting them.

This story was posted before I took leave. And it just showed up. Sorry.