Recent Troll Problem

I've noticed that all of the preaching is getting pretty out of hand on here. At this point I believe they are doing it for no other reason, but to see what sort of reaction they can get. They may say the are trying to spread "the word of God" or whatever, but they are honestly nothing more than internet trolls. From this point on I think that for every story that gets posted on here by them, we should simply flag it and ignore anything they have to say. DO NOT even dignify it with a comment. If they come here to incite a reaction, but instead don't even receive the least amount of attention then perhaps they might just get bored and stop. Anyone else with me here?
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I decided to take your suggestion and make a group based on religious debate. Maybe and hopefully this will at least keep a few of the repeat offenders out of our group. <br />
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<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
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Well here it is. Spread the word around if you guys and gals get the chance.

I agree with you on that. It is fun to debate back and forth with them. But have you seen half of the comments lately? Completely one sided conversations. We try to argue back and they completely ignore our entire statement and continue with the preaching.

I agree about flagging the bs that gets "cut and pasted" in as a comment.<br />
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If the general consensus is that its best to ignore their testimonials, I can go along with that - although, to be honest, I really enjoy talking to people about their religious dogmas. I'm the one guy who invites the mormons and "witnesses" in when they come knocking and talks to them as long as they care to stay. The sad thing is, after an hour or so, they always say they have to "research" that point some more, or "ask their preacher" or their boss, and they always promise me they will come back in a couple of days to answer my questions or to better explain some part of their dogma to me... and I never see or hear from them again.<br />
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(my wife HATES when I talk to them, she prefers to not answer the door and wait for them to leave, but I really do LOVE a good dialogue!)<br />
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But if you guys would prefer not to respond, I can go along with that too.<br />
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