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7 Responses Aug 4, 2010

That's Levni Yilmaz, and he's incredibly talented and humorous. Everyone should check out his videos like this one on his YouTube channel:

All good stuff, though I think most of this is commentary on 'religion' rather than 'God'. They are afterall, two completely separate things, but often confused as the same :)

I dont believe either! thanks for sharing!

I am with you all the way - if everyone thought like this - the world could possibly be happy!

Thank you for sharing. Alot of people out there are trying to buy a ticket to heaven if there is one. I feel that one should just be a good person and do what you think is right and not to do what you think is wrong is enough to save the world and yourself from evil if there is one.

That's a great idea man, let's go write a bible. Haha, love that line.

Very entertaining. Thanks for that!